mobile phone manufacturers ruled for years, the slope of the waiver. Apple made the beginning, when the company began, in its iPhones, the headphone Jack omit. Meanwhile, things like the Home are at least on many devices, button saved. Meizu goes a step further: In a Video, and with a press release, the company has announced a Smartphone called the Zero, to have no buttons, switches, or Openings more – at least almost. At least for the microphones, there might be a few tiny holes.

but at Least there is no Home Button, no volume controls and no button to Mute. Also speakers are at Zero. Not even a drawer for a Sim card is provided. to replace

the Latter, has now become relatively simple: Instead of a Sim from plastic, the Zero uses an eSim, such as, for example, in Apple’s current iPhones built-in. The advantage of this technique: it is based on Software. The else on a plastic Sim stored data are transferred by Software to the cell phone. You want to change the Provider, because you want to use in the holiday country, a local Collective, you are doing this via an App. Or by changing the Provider in the settings of the device.

the power key and The volume control will be replaced by sensor surfaces in the housing, as known from some HTC – and Google-Smartphones. In a conventional speaker Meizu can do without, because at Zero the screen as a sound generator is used. Sony uses a similar technology in its high-end TVs.

Meizu Zero with charger

The Charging of the battery is done wirelessly, which in itself is no great novelty. Impressive, the fast-charging technology, which uses Meizu for this purpose. Super mCharge the company calls their invention, which is based on slightly modified Lithium-ion batteries, which have grown compared to other phones with higher loads during Charging.

This is necessary, because Meizus wireless charging station transmits the current with a power of 18 watts in the battery. For comparison: Samsung loads its phones with 9 Watt, Apple with 7.5 watts.


To identify the user of a hand can be one on top of the screen built-in camera, or in the screen-integrated fingerprint sensor. Unusually, the choice of enclosure material is: Instead of the industry’s widely used aluminum Meizu uses in this case of ceramic, a Material that can be very scratch resistant.

for further Details on Zero Meizu is holding back. The screen should have a diagonal of 5.9 inches and Amoled-based technique, the whole device according to the IP68 Standard waterproof. The resolution of the front camera with 20 mega pixels, the Kameraduo on the back has 12 and 20 Megapixel.

The back of the Meizu Zero

In contrast to the otherwise very modern equipment of the Snapdragon-845-processor, of which there are apparently driven to be, almost a bit dusty. Although he is currently in all Android Smartphones of the upper class, but his successor, of the already for 5G prepared Snapdragon 855, will soon make its Debut.

Because at the end of February, the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, the most important Mobile trade show of the year will be presented to the many of the new Smartphones. Meizu is expected to use the occasion to present the Zero there in front of professionals from all over the world. As the company’s 2017 in Barcelona for the first time, their fast-charging technology is demonstrated.

is called If a price of Zero, it is unclear for German students, but also secondary. While Meizu operates in his home country already a long time of his own stores, the efforts of the company to establish a foothold in Germany, within narrow limits.


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