At several foreign missions in the Australian capital of Canberra, as well as in the million-metropolis of Melbourne, package with suspicious Material have been sent. This is the Australian police confirmed on Wednesday. Emergency workers examine the packet, therefore, the investigations of the backgrounds.

According to initial information provided by the authorities of the Federal state of Victoria alone were reported in Melbourne, a total of ten cases. The situation was “under control,” it said. Details of the authorities are not called.

The Australian broadcaster ABC reported, in the Melbourne forces had been sent to the consulates of the USA, Greece, France, Italy, Hong Kong, India, new Zealand, Pakistan, South Korea and Switzerland. Officially it is not confirmed but so far. On the package, in the English language warnings, such as “asbestos” and “Draw a mask”. Also, there is so far no confirmation.

In Melbourne have consulates of many countries. Foreign embassies based in Canberra.


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