The Paderborn’s Mario forest weighed could bind last summer, at a height of 1.72 meters 96 kilos, hardly his shoes. In October he completed a four-day seminar, which was offered by his employer, E. on. “I had just turned 50, and I wanted to finally be fit again,” says forest, still fascinated by what he has since learned all about his body. “I didn’t know, for example, that even the slightest biscuit of Insulin is pouring and the fat burning stops.”

Today, weighs a forest to 70 pounds (so, a fat German man less). And it is a flagship client of Michael Despeghel, who led the Seminar. Like other health experts, the expert for men’s health slimming advises consent first and foremost: “Try it with the Least of the Few that shows just one result.”

Despeghel has developed a program called “2 plus 2 and 4,” which arrives in its minimalism just for men. It consists of four days of the week, completely to alcohol, and white flour, to refrain from sugar, and to complete this in two days, six minutes of strength training and to do a further two days to ten minutes for the endurance. “Usually, men have to take off so that in twelve weeks five to eight pounds. Without feeling hungry, this is important.“

the forest is now even more confident interval Faster, which means he’s eating on weekdays only in the morning to eleven o’clock and in the evening around 19 o’clock. At five kilometres he runs loose, and he has started a new training as a hearing care professional. “I have a completely different body feeling, a lot more energy.” All the skin hanging in excess of him, to bother him very much. For that reason alone, he wishes he would have taken care of earlier to his body. “But at the beginning of the bit does not interfere with belly, this is a slow process.”

sexuality as a Motivation to lose weight

A, the ends not at all rare to the urologist. “About 70 percent of men who land here because of erectile dysfunction, have a high waist circumference,” says Frank Sommer, who was appointed in 2005 in Hamburg, the world’s first Professor of men’s health, and since then, something like the doctor the summer for adults. He explains how it’s all connected together, diet, erection, health. “When men have an erection disorders, the other diseases. And is often caused by the devastating combination of poor diet and lack of exercise.“ With the health get out at some point, the Libido. “But if there is still a Rest of it is there, then you have a lever to change something. Sexuality is a strong Motivation.“

Like summer, tells the story of a former high-performance athlete’s early 40’s who had a waist circumference of 120 centimeters eaten, and in the office hours ended. “With the risk of a heart attack, I couldn’t come.” Motivated to have the patient in a study of men with potency disorders, which had been prescribed a healthier diet and exercise. “A third got a spontaneous erection.”

summer is a supporter of the small steps, he has seen too many unrealistic goals fail. He advises health beginners to “three times three times three”. To complete so: Three times per week, three minutes of three different Exercises, such as pushups (with knees), pull UPS (also lying on his back on the edge of the table), and squats (not supported to deep). And the for at least three months. “Because something changed.”

And what about food? As summer sees it as a success if someone who liked absolutely no fruit or vegetables, try it once a week. The arguments for this, he has no end. So melons’m in water, especially in edges and cores, citrulline, which is good for the blood flow to the Penis. A number of other fruits – including strawberries, blueberries, Apples, pears, citrus fruits, apricots, grapes, plums – contain flavonoids. “To prevent the tissue damage to the Penis, to ensure that the infrastructure remains intact.” Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage or cauliflower, in turn, caused the testosterone levels to rise. Well then: Happy Ending!

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