lawyers for The Huawei Manager Meng Wanzhou offer the equivalent of almost ten million euros in bail to the canadian arrested, is chief financial officer of the Chinese technology giant is coming.

This total, the defender was called for a hearing on Monday in Vancouver. The court was initially met with no decision in the case and adjourned the hearing to Tuesday.

on Friday Mengs lawyer had argued that there was no danger of escape. US investigators are calling for the extradition of Mengs. You accuse her of, to have Connections to a company cover-up, the sold, in spite of sanctions technical devices to Iran.

Background AP Chinese IT company Huawei: world group of the graces of the KP,

China urged Canada the release of Mengs, and threatened to otherwise, with serious consequences. What are the consequences of Canada threatened in the case of a refusal, however, remained open.

The case, Meng fuels in the global financial markets, fears of an escalation in the trade conflict between the United States and China. In the case of an extradition in the USA the 46-Year-old charges of fraud in connection with Iran sanctions. In the case of a conviction, you could go for decades in prison.

The case was “extremely hideous,” from the Chinese side. The arrest of the Manager of the technology group at a stopover in Vancouver is a serious violation of their rights, it is called in China.


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