Shown above are algae from Bretagne of France. Merck took advantage of algae to develop cosmetics ingredients. Photo courtesy of Merck

Tech giant develops substances for natural skin renewal

Merck has come up with two new cosmetic active ingredients for the Asian Pacific market at this year’s in-cosmetics™ Asia that took place in Bangkok during Nov. 1 and Nov. 3.

The two products are RonaCare® JouvaMer and RonaCare® ReviMer, which have been developed from brown seaweed endemic to the Breton coast in France.

Merck said that they were both great boosters for well-aging and skin vitality and could be used within a wide range of topical products, from daily skin care to dermocosmetics.

The products were recently launched in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

RonaCare® JouvaMer, an extract of Pelvetia canaliculata brown algae, is an anti-aging booster that reduces wrinkles by stimulating collagen synthesis, according to Merck.

Additionally, it protects and supports the extracellular matrix for denser, smoother skin.

RonaCare® ReviMer, an extract of Fucus serratus brown algae, shows preventive anti-pollution effects while enhancing the skin’s biomechanical properties, Merck noted.

It also protects hyaluronic acid that helps provide firmer, more elastic skin and reduces wrinkles.

Complementing the already-launched RonaCare® RenouMer, the marine trio offers potent solutions for skin renewal as RonaCare® RenouMer, an extract of Polysiphonia elongata red algae, is highly effective in replenishing skin and counteracting the signs of aging, according to Merck.

The tech giant claimed that this skin moisture booster strongly increased skin’s moisture levels and promoted collagen build-up and its protection from degradation, which results in a re-densifying effect for visibly smoother, less wrinkled skin.

“Algae have been used for centuries as very nutritious food ingredients because of their important minerals and vitamins for the body,” said Carsten Plueg, head of Innovation and Application within the Surface Solutions business unit of Merck.

“Today, also the cosmetic industry is using those algae substances and the benefits they have on human skin. These marine actives are indeed particularly attractive for consumers as they combine the desire for naturalness and sustainability with proven efficacy in boosting well-aging and skin vitality.”

All three products are efficacy proven and meet the current requirements of sustainability, traceability, and respect for biodiversity, Merck said.

Merck has established mutually agreed terms with France to financially contribute to and collaborate with the regional Fisheries and Aquaculture Committee of Brittany (CRPMEM) as part of the Nagoya protocol.

RonaCare® JouvaMer, RonaCare® ReviMer and RonaCare® RenouMer are Halal certified and vegan.

They also fulfill the COSMOS-standard, which defines the requirements and definitions for organic and/or natural cosmetics. The products fit into the range of botanical- and marine-derived cosmetic actives that Merck’s Surface Solutions business unit launched in 2022.