Merck Korea’s Kwon Ki-yong, center, who takes charge of the firm’s semiconductor business, poses in the ceremony of delivering the company’s donation to childcare centers held at the office of the Community Chest of Gyeonggi Province office on Jan. 28. On the left is the community chest’s executive director Choi Eun-sook. Photo courtesy of Merck Korea

Tech giant offers helping hands ahead of Lunar New Year’s holidays

Merck Korea said on Jan. 28 that the company had donated around 20 million won to four childcare centers in Pyeongtaek ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday on Feb. 1.

Merck said that the in-kind donation is part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities carried out in cooperation with the Gyeonggi Province.

In selecting the four beneficiaries, Merck said that it had given priority to centers with more children from multicultural families to support diversity and engagement.

The Community Chest of Gyeonggi picked the four childcare centers. It is a charity group designed to conduct various projects to support those in need in the province that surrounds Seoul.

Gyeonggi Province’s Pyeongtaek, which is located about 70 kilometers south of Seoul, is where Merck Korea’s production facilities are located.

“The focus of Merck’s CSR support activities is on promoting health and welfare of the underprivileged, supporting science technology and cultural education, and providing sustainable solutions for environmental protection,” Merck Korea Managing Director Kim Woo-kyu said.

“With our support, we hope to improve the quality of life for children and seek sustainable paths for development. With the donation, we hope to give more children the diverse opportunities of education and increase the opportunities for children to foster their dreams and prepare for the future.”

Choi Eun-sook, executive director of the Community Chest of Gyeonggi, expressed her appreciation for the sharing.

“We will deliver warm charity of Merck well so that it can be a heart-warming gift to our children whose bodies and minds are frozen due to COVID-19,” she said.

The delivery ceremony took place on Jan. 28 at the office of the Community Chest of Gyeonggi Province. Kwon Ki-yong, who takes charge of Merck Korea’s semiconductor business, represented the company in the event.