Merck Korea Managing Director Kim WooKyu, center, poses with two winners of the company’s special awards for advanced electronics technology. He is flanked by Prof. Park Jin-seong from Hanyang University, left, and Prof. Park Tae-joo from ERICA Hanyang University. Photo courtesy of Merck Korea

Tech giant gives awards to scientists for ALD

Merck Korea announced on Nov. 18 that the tech giant had picked two Hanyang University professors as winners of its special award based on their contribution to the development of cutting-edge technology.

The two prominent scientists are Prof. Park Jin-seong from Hanyang University and Prof. Park Tae-joo from ERICA Hanyang University. Located in Ansan, some 30 kilometers southwest of Seoul, ERICA is the campus of Hanyang.

The former has focused on improving atomic layer deposition (ALD) materials and processes for next-generation electronics. The latter is an expert in advanced ALD technology.

Anand Nambiar, global head of the semiconductor materials business at Merck, congratulated the two recipients.

“Many researchers, through their passion and perseverance, are making extraordinary accomplishments for the continued transformation of the electronics industry,” Nambiar said.

“This is particularly evident in Korea, one of the major technology hubs in the world. With this award, we are delighted to honor the achievements of young and experienced researchers making a positive difference.”

Merck Korea Managing Director Kim WooKyu noted that the Seoul-based subsidiary of Merck will remain committed to meeting the growing demands for digital devices and technologies.

“Going forward, Merck will continue to engage in internal innovations and collaborations with the scientific community to deliver scientific progress in business and beyond, including in new fields such as healthcare and life science,” he said.

The two winners expressed their gratitude.

“It is a great honor to accept the Merck Special Award for ALD materials and processes. I deeply thank the senior and junior ALD members globally for their contributions in this area. I will do my best to apply ALD material and process widely for the semiconductor as well as display industries,” Prof. Park Jin-seong said.

“It is indeed a great honor to win the Merck Special Award. I hope this recognition to be an opportunity for extensive collaboration with Merck in the ALD field. Thank you so much,” Prof. Park Tae-joo commented.

Merck Electronics business operates Electronics Technology Centers in Europe, Asia, and the United States. This strategic R&D network in key markets allows Merck to be closer to its customers and be the trusted innovation partner.

Merck products are present in nearly all electronic devices. In a data-driven world, modern society requires functional, high-performance technical infrastructure.

This requirement is constantly increasing due to growing trends such as 5G and Big Data and rapid advancements in applications such as autonomous driving and the Internet of Things (IoT).