Merck Korea has won the Korea Bioprocessing Excellence Award in a recent global conference held virtually in Seoul due to COVID-19. Photo courtesy of IMAPAC

Tech giant honored with Korea Bioprocessing Excellence Award

Merck Korea announced on October 22 that the outfit had won the Korea Bioprocessing Excellence Award in a global conference held virtually in Seoul this week due to the novel coronavirus.

The ninth edition of the Biologics Manufacturing Korea, which is organized by IMAPAC, recognized distinguished companies, experts, and groups in various categories. Included in the awardees was Merck Korea.

The Korea Bioprocessing Excellence Award, a much-touted prize, is geared toward honoring outstanding experts, institutions, and technologies in the field of bioprocessing and cell/gene therapy.

Merck received the award in the category of ‘Bioprocessing Excellence in Upstream Processing’, which means Merck’s technology was recognized in the upstream cell culture process,” said Kim Yong, chief of Merck’s Process Solutions, Life Science in Korea.

Merck offers a diverse range of products to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that enable customers to develop large- and small-molecule drugs safely, effectively, and cost-efficiently.”

Kim picked examples of such features, including single-use manufacturing, filtration, chromatography and purification, virus reduction, pharma and biopharma raw materials, drug delivery compounds, and engineering and validation services.

A Merck official said that the company had established the M Lab™ collaboration center at Songdo, west of Seoul, back in 2016. It offers a simulated real manufacturing environment for customers to explore ideas, learn innovative techniques through experiment, hands-on experience.

The official added that Merck’s other commitment to bio-industry development was made at Songdo again, when Merck Life Science Operation Center opened in 2019.

The facility is aimed at ensuring stable supply of life science products and enabling tailored services and support to meet R&D and biopharmaceutical growth in Korea,” the official said.

These are the key to help our customers accelerate the speed to market of treatments and therapeutics.”