Shown above is a high-performance antenna of Merck, which is an integral part of the firm’s licriOn™ technology. With the cutting-edge solution, Merck strives to help offer internet connectivity to people in remote areas. Photo courtesy of Merck

German tech giant comes up with energy- and cost-efficient solution

Merck said on March 30 that it had commercially launched a beam-steered smart antenna technology designed to help offer connectivity to people in remote areas.

The technology, called licriOn™, is powered by high-performance antennas that can easily connect with stationary and moving satellites and a cost-efficient liquid crystal-based solution, which consumes less power.

As a result, it enables extensive connectivity access, even in remote areas where fast internet connections have been unavailable or unaffordable thus far.

In particular, the leading-edge technology is expected to be useful in Korea _ as one of the world’s most archipelagic countries with more than 3,000 islands, it needs to offer inexpensive connectivity to almost 1 million islanders.

Plus, mountains cover around 70 percent of the nation, making it difficult to provide internet access in some remote areas.

“Fast and reliable internet access is a key driver for development and progress,” said Michael Heckmeier, who is in charge of Merck’s display solutions business.

“With the launch of licriOn™, we’re demonstrating Merck’s commitment to addressing the world’s greatest challenges with our science and technology.”

He added that Merck will help create new opportunities for those who still lack steady internet access.

“We believe in the potential of our smart antenna technology to advance digital living for everyone,” he said.

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