Steven Eulig, the chief of Business Development for Digital Solutions, Merck Electronics, speaks during the ADeKo Academic Conference held at the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry in downtown Seoul on Sept. 19. Photo courtesy of Merck Korea

Tech giant sharing use cases of AI at ADeKo Conference

Merck announced on Sept. 20 that the company had shared its perspectives on artificial intelligence and machine learning on top of the latest trends in the semiconductor industry at the ADeKo Academic Conference in Seoul this week.

Its participation in the annual event is in line with the German tech giant’s efforts to apply digital solutions to speed up semiconductor innovations and optimize product development.

This year, Steven Eulig, the chief of Business Development for Digital Solutions, Merck Electronics, demonstrated his insights and knowledge on various topics in the chip industry.

“Sustainable digital transformation is required to agilely respond to the rapidly changing semiconductor landscape. Digitalization and data sharing are critical to building systems to maintain semiconductor quality and improve supply chain resilience in the global marketplace,” he said.

The senior executive also dealt with the latest industry trend of focusing on smart data collaboration.

He noted that smart data collaboration would serve as a cutting-edge solution to efficiently respond to the fast-changing demand for semiconductors and ultimately help improve product quality.

Another issue were various sustainable solutions for microchip manufacturing for the better future, as sustainability has surfaced as a global challenge.

Its recently published report, titled “Investing in a Sustainable Semiconductor Future,” outlines corporate initiative over material solutions to help prevent global warming, the firm said.

Merck Korea Managing Director WooKyu Kim, who invited Mr. Eulig to speak at the conference, also stressed the significance of leading-edge technologies.

“AI and machine learning are currently experiencing unprecedented acceleration and creating tremendous value not only for Merck’s businesses, but across all industries,” Kim said.

“We looked forward to hearing Mr. Eulig’s presentation, which showcased new avenues for collaboration in the Korean semiconductor industry.”