Merck Korea Managing Director Kim Woo-kyu, left, pitches the company’s facilities in Korea to senior Merck officials during the SEMICON Korea in southern Seoul on Feb. 1. From the second left are Katherine Dei Cas, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Delivery Systems & Services; Kiyong Kwon, Country Lead of Semiconductor Korea; Dongkwan Lee, Commercial Head, Delivery Systems and Service Korea; and Anand Nambiar, Executive Vice President, Head of Semiconductor Materials Solutions, Electronics Business, Merck KGaA. Photo courtesy of Merck Korea

Tech giant demonstrates sustainable data-driven optimization at annual fair

Merck Korea announced on Feb. 1 that the company would share how its innovative solutions contribute to bringing advancement in the semiconductor industry at SEMICON Korea this week.

During the annual tech fair, which will be held between Feb. 1 and Feb. 3, Merck plans to bring forth a comprehensive solution to the entire semiconductor ecosystem.

Included in them are the seven critical front, and back-end unit operations _ doping, patterning, deposition, planarization, etching and cleaning, as well as back-end packaging.

Based on its unique and broad-based expertise, Merck noted that it would support the Korean industry to grow in terms of capacity and innovation.

Indeed, the firm has been present in Korea for over 30 years and has been the trusted partner enabling the electronics industry to cope with the data-explosion trend benefiting the industry today, according to observers.

This year, Anand Nambiar, Executive Vice President, Head of Semiconductor Materials Solutions, Electronics Business, Merck KGaA, and Katherine Dei Cas, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Delivery Systems & Services, make it to the trade show.

“Korea is an important innovation and production hub for Merck. We’re delighted to announce our recent closing of the acquisition and continue expanding our regional capabilities in Korea, as well as our overall global capacity,” Merck Korea Managing Director Kim Woo-kyu said.

“The acquisition of M Chemicals Inc. is another milestone in the expansion of our Electronics business and, in particular, Semiconductor Solutions, one of our ‘Big Three’ growth engines.”

He added that through a 600-million-euro investment in Korea, Merck would continue its efforts to expand the local supply chain, develop advanced technologies, actively contribute to economic development as well as establish win-win partnerships with our customers.

Midway through last year, Merck announced plans for continued expansion of key segments in its thin-film portfolio by acquiring “M Chemical”, the chemical business of Mecaro. Merck announced that it was completed early this year.

At the SEMICON Korea conference, Merck Korea is also set to present digital solutions that help accelerate innovations in R&D and form supply chains faster and more accurately by taking a data-driven approach across the steps of the entire semiconductor value chain.

On Feb. 1, Dr. Safa Kutup Kurt, Executive Director and Head of Operations, Digital Solutions, will be sharing his insights on the topic of “Data-driven Process Optimization and Customer Collaboration” at the Smart Manufacturing Forum.

In addition, a data analyst from the same Digital Solutions team will engage with college students as a mentor in SEMICON Korea’s talent-fostering program.

Semiconductor Process Materials at Merck Korea

Merck noted that chip designs and materials in manufacturing processes were gaining importance in light of the increasingly complex next-gen semiconductors and evolving demands.

Merck Korea claimed that it had the most comprehensive portfolio in the industry that could offer integrated semiconductor material solutions to address each customer’s unique challenges, thereby accelerating innovations and improving yields.

Merck Korea’s booth is designed to showcase a schematic diagram of the supply chain through the delivery system.

Visitors would be able to learn how Merck Korea emerged as a leader in the semiconductor industry.

From off-site arms (high-volume and bulk specialty gas delivery), gas supply rooms (BSGS, cabinets, bundles, CK), plenums (cabinets, VMB) to all kinds of process equipment, Merck delivers materials and gases when and wherever customers need them, the firm said.

Merck will be represented at SEMICON Korea 2023 at Booth #D420 at COEX Exhibition Halls from February 1 to 3, according to the company.