Merck Korea runs an exhibition booth at SEMICON Korea, which will take place at Seoul’s COEX during Feb. 9 and 11. Photo courtesy of Merck Korea

Merck demonstrates technological edge at SEMICON Korea

Merck Korea announced on Feb. 9 that the company will share its commitment to innovative solutions contributing to the advancement in the semiconductor industry at a trade fair in Seoul this week.

The company plans to bring forth a comprehensive solution to the semiconductor ecosystem, including the seven critical front- and back-end unit operations at SEMICON Korea that runs between Feb. 9-11 at COEX.

Included in the seven operations are doping, patterning, deposition, planarization, etching, cleaning, and back-end packaging.

Merck, which tapped into Korea 30 years ago, said that it had tried to become an innovative and trusted partner enabling the electronics industry to cope with the data-explosion trend.

“Korea is an important innovation and production hub for Merck,” Merck Korea Managing Director Kim Woo-kyu said.

“We have recently announced a 600-million-euro investment in Korea to continue our efforts to expand local supply chain, developing advanced technologies, actively contributing to economic development as well as establishing win-win partnerships with our customers.

Since its debut in 1987, SEMICON Korea has established itself as an exhibition representing the semiconductor industry in line with the country’s rapid growth in the lucrative business.

In this year’s event, Merck Korea noted that it would deliver its extensive experience and technology in every step of the semiconductor value chain, from the front- to back-end process.

The outfit is also scheduled to showcase the Dynamic Gas Mixer (DGM100) and schematic flow from its Delivery Services and Systems business together with Merck Integrated Materials Solutions at its exhibition booth.

DGM 100 is a gas cabinet, a supply device that safely uses and stores a special gas cylinder with high risk used in the semiconductor process and supplies a certain pressure and a certain amount of gas to a distribution device or manufacturing facility.

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