in-cosmetics Korea will start on July 13 at COEX in southern Seoul to attract up to 290 suppliers of various ingredients. Merck Korea plans to showcase ingredients for vegan beauty products during the three-day event. Photo courtesy of COEX

in-cosmetics Korea will draw up to 290 suppliers this week

As a mounting number of people are trying to live a vegan lifestyle worldwide, companies have come up with beauty and household items without any animal ingredients.

Tech giant Merck also strives to join the initiative by introducing substances, which are for vegan makeup or skincare products, during in-cosmetics Korea in Seoul this week.

Merck Korea said on July 13 that the outfit will showcase natural ingredients for beauty and skincare products, which cut all animal-derived items, during the exhibition.

As part of Performance Materials, Merck’s Surface Solutions business unit has focused on creating innovative surfaces of all kinds, including the production of beauty-related products.

“Vegan beauty, or clean beauty, is drawing a lot of consumer interest in the cosmetics markets these days, and the awareness and the significance of animal welfare is on the rise globally,” said Wiebke Dondras, head of Cosmetics Franchise of Surface Solutions at Merck.

“Merck’s solutions, consisting of effect pigments and functional filler powders, meet the needs for vegan cosmetics while serving Merck’s commitment to improving animal welfare and eliminate microplastics.”

Merck is set to introduce RonaCare® Balmance, a natural extract of the cornflower, which the firm says represents one of the major themes of this year’s trade show: new active ingredients for natural relief from irritation.

RonaCare® Balmance works effectively against sensitive and stressed skin, quickly alleviating skin redness, roughness, and itching, according to the company.

It also noted that the key secret of this incredible ingredient is feruloyl-serotonin in the extract, which is obtained by a complex extraction technique.

Headed by Managing Director Kim WooKyu, Merck Korea has made its presence felt in the country as one of the leading technology companies.

in-cosmetics Korea is a platform, which brings together suppliers of personal care ingredients and manufacturers of finished products from across the world.

This year’s exhibition is the sixth edition of the annual event, and around 290 suppliers of ingredients, fragrances, lab equipment, testing, and regulatory solutions will take part.

The three-day event will continue through July 16 at COEX in southern Seoul.