In the case of the ailing Department store chain Kaufhof are to be dismantled in the Wake of the merger with the rival Karstadt around 2600. The Karstadt announced in Essen. Thus, about every fifth digit is affected. Due to the high part-time ratio of the Jobs are in order of 4000 to 5000 employees threatened, reported the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

Around a thousand full-time positions will be eliminated at the management level and in administration, additional 1600 full-time positions in the stores, the company said.

The renovation was necessary in order to reduce the costs in the case of the Galeria Kaufhof on a competitive level, says a press release from Karstadt. “In his current condition, gallery Kaufhof is survival in the long term,” said the head of the joint venture, Stephan Fanderl. It’s short-term investments in the three-digit million amount.

The Christmas store in 2018 to be located with a drop of almost four percent compared to the previous year significantly below expectations. Also the online business have disappointed against the market trend, with a decrease of almost one percent compared to the same period last year.

First of all, no branch closures planned

The group intends to concentrate the main management and administrative structures of both were houses in the future in the previous Karstadt Headquarters in Essen, Germany. At the Cologne location, formerly the seat of the Kaufhof Headquarters, to set up a centre of competence for digitisation and E-Commerce. In addition, to be controlled from here, from the catering and food business. Renovation-related closures not to give it first.

in Order to save costs, will withdraw from the Kaufhof immediately in addition, from the tariff binding. The company is seeking an individual, collective solution, the carrying of the economic emergency of Kaufhof bill, it said.

Galeria Kaufhof, a German Department store-myth is destroyed

Kaufhof since the end of November, part of a joint venture with the competitor Karstadt. The former Kaufhof-owner HBC had agreed to the merger last year, after a long Hesitation.

The North Americans are involved with a 49.99 percent stake in the joint venture with Karstadt, which has around 240 stores, with sales of five billion euros and 32,000 employees. The majority shareholder is the Signa Holding of the Austrian Investor René Benko.

Karstadt in the operating business, the Say. The many years of Karstadt-Chef Fanderl leads to the new warehouse group. The group must exist in the fierce competition with many online retailers from Amazon to Zalando.


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