if you Ask a Headhunter, the matter is clear: “I have Merkel always admired Bjørn Johannsson says.”She has led Europe.” Meanwhile, however, the Chancellor was a “lame duck”, a lame duck, as the CDU leader resigned and a Chancellor on-demand. “If you would ask me – I would assign your rates, now in a timely manner.”

Johannsson is familiar with the disposal and ascents. The Norwegian, who lives in Switzerland, is looking for new Top managers for large corporations, when the old leaders must go. From his logic Merkel is ready. Since he does not have to wait for your appearance before the economic elite in Davos.

enter As Merkel shortly after, the stage in the almost fully occupied the great hall of the Davos Congress center, the effect is, however, anything other than lame. With unusual passion, the Chancellor speaks before the world economic forum about the world, and Germany. And deliberately in this order.

Merkel as leader of the Western world

Merkel and the gap, have ripped a few Cancellations this year, to Davos-program uses: U.S. President Donald Trump is busy at home with the Shutdown, the President of France, Macron with the yellow vests, and the rescue of his presidency. And the British Prime Minister Theresa May needs to look in the face of a Brexit-Mess, and every day, as long as she is still in office.

then, Who is the leader of the Western world? Correctly, Angela Merkel. And exactly as you presented in your speech.

There is a fundamental doubt on multilateralism and an approach that points out: “The world is best when everyone thinks of himself,” said Merkel. “I have my doubts. I think we should understand our national interests, in each case so that we have the interests of other thinking.”

This is such a clear message to Donald Trump that of even the sometimes slow-witted US President is likely to understand. As well as the revenant, the Brazilian head of state, Jair Bolsonaro, who was allowed to hold on Tuesday, the opening speech of the world economic forum and the holding of international cooperation, just as Trump.

Merkel is relying on multilateralism, international rules as a result of discussions. “A global architecture will only work if we are in principle capable of compromise,” she says – so a property that is going on Trump and other populists.

“We give her in the world a good image from”

the substance of Merkel has positioned itself in some of the questions unfamiliar significantly against the US policy With sanctions against Iran, and with the Dollar as the reserve currency the government in Washington could affect foreign companies, “direct”, warns the Chancellor. The EU needs to ask themselves how they can, through a strengthening of the Euro against. “Otherwise, it is controllable.”

In the dispute over the in the United States as the Baltic sea pipeline Nord Stream 2 hated Merkel sends also clear words in the direction of Washington: Germany will continue to purchase gas from Russia, she says, “this is perfectly clear.” At the same time, but it also makes the prospect to buy, in addition to liquefied gas from the USA. We need simply to remain independent. Point.

at Least to the German audience in Davos, Merkel’s mix of fighters is against the attitude and the willingness to compromise very well. “We provide a with your of the world a good image,” says later on about Lufthansa-Chef Carsten Spohr. “Compromises are sometimes as boring decried, but they must have put Germany, where the country is today.”

At the end of Klaus Schwab, the founder of the world economic forum refers to what are likely many questions in the chamber: it Was probably her last appearance as Chancellor in Davos? He hoped that Merkel was coming even more often as a Chancellor here, says Schwab. Officially, her term will be finally up to 2021. “Now, you have me for the first time today,” says Merkel, once again, pathos-free and typical Merkel. “You should be happy about what you have.”

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.