German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has called on the citizens in Germany to a more tolerant to each other and at the same time, the need for international cooperation emphasized. “The challenges of our time, we will only succeed if we stick together and with others across borders to work together,” said Merkel in her new year’s address. Values such as openness, tolerance, and respect would have made the country strong “for you, we need to work together”.

The livelihoods of the people are vulnerable – “in the comprehensive sense,” continued the Chancellor. She mentioned the climate change also the “control and regulation of Migration” as well as the fight against international terrorism as the most urgent tasks. “In our own interest we want to solve all these questions, and we can do that best if we get said, the interests of others, considering,” said Merkel in her new year’s address, and referred to “the lesson of two world of the last century”.

Because this Belief is not shared today by all and “certainties of international cooperation” under pressure, should Germany stand up for his Beliefs “more strongly, argue, fight,” and take on more responsibility. The Federal Republic will work in the UN security Council for global solutions. Germany takes over starting in January for two years, a seat on the Board.

In the speech, Merkel also suggested the self-critical tones. She knew that many citizens would have been at odds in the expiration year with the Federal government. “First, we have taken a long time to form a government, and as we had them, because there was a fight and a lot of preoccupation with ourselves,” she said. State servants should do all in their Power for the inner peace and the cohesion of the country.

The Chancellor defended in her speech, their decision, according to the current legislature, no political office. “Democracy thrives on the exchange and we all are in time,” she said. Public servants would have to “check” what they could do personally for the cohesion of the country. The have you done.


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