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15:39 PM on Friday afternoon to read the CDU enters into a future that was long so uncertain, so free. A future without Angela Merkel on the party tip. This has not happened for 18 years. The start of something new now? The comparison to adolescence is so shallow and obvious that it can hardly be avoided.

The Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein, Daniel Günther opened in the Hamburg exhibition halls, the choice of the Chairman. The election, which will end the Era of Merkel. Or unwinding? This will decide the delegates.

Behind the small polling booths made of cardboard in black-and-red-and-gold party design, the stand in front of each chair, take a dip in the 1.001 delegates. The counting runs. It is hot, nearly a thousand people, and hundreds of other spectators in a room. In the corridors humming it. Journalists, guests, party members mutter anxiously to rate the Speeches of the candidates.

Merz as a troublemaker?

The first result of the election brings no winner. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, previously General Secretary of the party, and favourite to the office, gets 450 votes. Only 50 more and you would have had in the first start-up the majority of the votes 999 votes. Friedrich Merz can convince the 392 delegates, Jens Spahn, from the outset, as a hopeless candidate considered, won with 157 votes, a success.

printed New ballot papers. This time only with two names on it. Merz against Kramp-Karrenbauer. Runoff, it is the true duel on this day: The 63-year-old financial Manager and Conservative, German Chancellor Angela Merkel on their way to Power once removed. He wants a “change of strategy” in the CDU, he said in his application speech.

On the other hand, Kramp-Karrenbauer, the 56-year-old social-liberal, Merkel took only a few months ago as the Secretary-General to the Konrad-Adenauer-house, in order to secure her inheritance.

More than an hour after the first ballot, the meeting conductor Günther bends to read the microphone on his way to his mouth and begins: “Friedrich Merz: 482 votes.” The first state associations cheer at the front of the room. You know that Merz has missed the majority. Günther will have to wait until the mood has calmed down, before he speaks the crucial words: “Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer accounts for 517 votes.” Annegret Annegret, it echoes through the hall.

Against the Merz-bearing AKK not by the rule

It is a tight result for the CDU, the battle candidacies have always been gladly avoided. One that shows that Merz has lost. But his candidacy has brought to the party base, and also the medium – sized Establishment, the party unexpectedly to Swing and, although he has been for 16 years, not a politician. He is quite close to the victory that would have meant the party, and perhaps in the whole of Germany, a further turning.

Easier the Job as the Chairman of the Christian Democrats is, therefore, in any case. Kramp-Karrenbauer seems to suspect that you can under no circumstances entirely against the bearing in your party politics, the wish for a far-reaching departure from your supporter Angela Merkel.

her first Gang as a party boss leads you to its predecessor. The two women, which combines so much, to fall on the party Congress stage warmly in the arms. AKK, how it is caused, wipes a tear from the eyes. At the top of the big screen, the Motto of the party tags will be displayed:”. And lead together.”

Angela Merkel had chosen this Motto, shortly before the beginning of the party rally. “Typical Merkel,” as she flirts in the morning, in her last speech as a Boss. A last signpost to your party, as you can imagine the time after your withdrawal to the Chancellery. Kramp-Karrenbauer has understood. She walks over to the lectern, thanks to your counterparty: It is a competition that has given us a boost”, a competition with Fairness”. A little later she asks both opponents again on the stage. It was, as she says, a sign to the party. The applause that follows, is almost louder than the victory cheers.

Merz’ bad speech, AKK completely self-aware

parties with less self-discipline and desire for power could in a contest of three antipodes, with such limited output, already tearing up. Also Merz. As a troublemaker, he does not want to go from the square. He is by his followers to celebrate, calling all who have supported him to stand behind AKK.

Among the delegates in the hall is mixed in the atmosphere. “Behind us, exciting weeks, in which the CDU has proven how much potential in her,” said Mark captain, the spokesman of the so-called young group of the Union in the Bundestag. He says: to quarrel openly about different concepts for the future. The party could succeed in fertilizing, but also, is captain, has criticised Merkel often, optimistic: “It needs to take advantage of the current mood of optimism. The importance of a broad offer, in which all wings of the CDU find it again.”

Others are less optimistic. “I’m shocked,” says, for example, Urban Lanig, a County Council in Baden-Württemberg compared to TIME ONLINE. The choice of Merz was the last Chance of the CDU, to renew itself. In his Chapter, there have been already exit threats.

Then Merz Merkel directly to

Roland Ermer from Bautzen don’t want to reveal whom he has chosen. At its base there had been a majority in favour of Merz, with him, it would have been easier against the AfD, which threatens to overtake in Saxony in state elections in the coming year, the CDU.

In the past few weeks have presented the three candidates for the party chairmanship on regional conferences. At the time, enthusiastic Merz, seemingly effortlessly. This mood he had tried at noon, in vain to preserve. His message was tailored to the free-floating Conservative and home-free market liberals in the party. “From this Parteitag must send a Signal of renewal,” he calls to speech at the outset of his 20-minute Presentation. As he imagines? “We need an Agenda for the hard-working,” says the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of an asset Manager: “For all who do not call first, according to the state.”

again and again, has tried it during his candidacy, not as the candidate of yesterday is over. As one who is stuck in the year 2002 stuck. In Hamburg, the only stage managed Merz. “We are of the opinion that the state is not the better entrepreneur,” said Merz, who has earned at company a lot of money. After a quarter of an hour, he attacked Merkel as head-on as never before. The de-politicisation of the middle was a mistake. “I have to admit, I’ve done this in an election campaign to be very successful,” he said. “But everything has its time.” The asymmetric demobilisation, any controversy from the political life, Remove the have displaced the debate to the margins of the political landscape. This is what want to hear all of Merkel’s critics in the party. Merz knows that he is Vice-versa for many of the other unelectable. The more he hoped, especially on the Eastern German land associations, and conjures his party: “We left to the East, the populists of the right and left.”

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