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read announced As the Chancellor two weeks ago their withdrawal as CDU Chairman, has triggered a rule, the right candidate boom. A total of twelve Christian Democrats signaled their interest in the party chairmanship. Three of them should be given a real chance. From today, Thursday, to present eight regional conferences of the base before then on 7. December, delegates at the Hamburg party Congress will decide who will be the new party leader and the next Chancellor candidate of the CDU.

How did the first Phase in this intra-party election campaign? What messages were the candidates? Who your supporters are? And: What opportunities do you have? TIME ONLINE answers the most important questions.

Friedrich Merz – the surprise candidate

He was the First who signaled his interest. On the same morning, the Merkel your waiver stated, it was said already: Merz was ready. His Comeback after nine years of political break caused a small Hype. His supporters in the Union cheered: Merz was “a myth”. A man who can come to a head, the eloquent, the orientation offers. Liberal, Conservative, and also other Malcontents, saw in him, the old rival of the Chancellor, the correct answer to 18 years of Merkel. The media pounced on him – he’s a certain first the headlines and cover stories.

However, this attention also brings disadvantages: All of his statements and activities of the past years will now be lit in a critical. For alarm mood under the Merz-trailers, the search of the asset Manager BlackRock, whose Supervisory Board Chairman is the chief Merz made last week. Although not against him directly, it was determined that showed the process: Merz is vulnerable. First Union politicians spoke out as openly against him. You warned against his Image as a Lobbyist and representative of the greedy financial industry. Merz knows that he will be confronted with this again and again. Offensively he tries to use his own story as a counter-challenge. He is to reckon the “upper-middle-class,” said Merz, although he admitted at the same time to be a millionaire. The policy would also, experts well, and would have made something different, than just in the Parliament sitting.

However, The Merz-train since then has been stopped before it even got really into the roles. He now has to rely on his effect in the regional conferences.

What is he?

Merz is in a Dilemma. He is known as the Antipode of the Chancellor, stylistically and in terms of content. Exactly appreciate his Fans. However, he may not show it too much. Finally, many Union supporters are worried that it could destabilize as a party chief the work of the Chancellor and of the Federal government. Therefore, Merz emphasises yet again that, for him, was located in a prosperous cooperation with Merkel. With him there would be “no conservative Revolution”. He, too, wanted to be not reduced merely to liberal economic policy.

Instead, Merz praises downright exuberant the Greens as a potential coalition partner, and the AfD head-on, he referred to them as “openly national socialist.” Neither the atom by the end of the marriage for all and the minimum wage he wants in the future out of the question. Several times he stressed the importance of a stronger involvement of Germany in the EU. Some of it went to his followers. That Merz had advertised in a call as a Co-author for a European unemployment insurance, enraged. Merz distanced itself from his Text, and some has since been regarded as fickle.

Who supported him?

Merz is the preferred candidate of the German economy. According to a survey by the consulting firm Roland Berger, more than 70 percent of the 114 executives surveyed for Merz. Are you hoping to see from him is most likely the Merkel-neglected reforms for the business location.

another important supporter of the network is supposed to have prompted the so-called Andean Pact: a group of formerly influential CDU politician, the Merz to candidacy. Important for Merz, President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schäuble, who persuades Merz and early supported.

Popular he is – despite his age – in the case of the young Union.

The Slogan

break-in, no roll-over.

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