Just under four kilometres from the front of the book, a tiny Hamlet of barely larger part of the Attnang-Puchheim, Regau in Austria, at least if one takes the road: To the foot to create the in little more than an hour. But a drunk 23 did not-Year-old, the there in the early hours of the morning of the 25th. December, was lost in a forest.

The young man had possessed the good sense to leave at the end of a boozy Christmas eve night, take a Taxi home drive. In the vicinity of the small town he had, however, towards the 5.50 PM, as the police recorded in the minutes, the driver kept short, because his urge to urinate in the bushes driving. It is the beginning of a rescue was a drama with a happy ending, because in the forest, the man lost the orientation and not returned to the Taxi.

That could potentially run out of unhealthy, also recognized his companion, who informed the police. The responded to the emergency with appropriate means – and let the stray pee pausierer at the expense of 30 police officers and firefighters, with 14 dogs and a helicopter are searching for.

“at about 09:20 PM”, – stated in the police report, “reported the Lacking in the case of a family and informed that he had to get in the town of Regau. The man was in the forest and the Taxi found lost. He remained unharmed.”

So the Stray showed up around three and a half hours after his Disappearance in the icy woods. Somehow he managed to cross on his way to the River Ager.

pee breaks make headlines

Wayward pee breaks, fuel for the curious messages to deliver, again and again – to the story, kind of a joke is inherent. Because report the value of such things are, if they are crass, crisis, or funny.

As an English Tourist plunged in September 2009, pinkelnd from a window on the sixth floor of a Munich hotel. The police assumes, that he can’t find the toilet and then on the window sill. His body was found the following morning with his pants down at the foot of the building.

Europe made headlines 2015, the Swiss Rolf Bantle, the stadium was lost, allegedly, in 2004, after a bathroom break at the Champions League qualifying match of his club FC Basel in Milan’s Giuseppe-Meazza -.

He can’t find his travel group, said the man, after he had been found eleven years later by The then 60-Year-old lived for more than a decade as a pretty satisfied of the homeless in Milan, instead of looking on their own way back to Basel. There he landed, as he fell ill and due to the lack of papers back in Switzerland.


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