With contemplative days in the CDU for the first nothing and the Friedrich Merz. Contrary to expectations, does not want to withdraw for the election of the party leader narrowly Losing to the member and his business in the free economy, but is aiming for a Ministerial post. He says, anyway.

This is exactly what his most ardent Fans since the days – but probably the opposite of what the new President Annegret Kramp-presented Karrenbauer, and probably not what they had taken from the conversation with Merz last Thursday evening. Not to mention Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Nothing more than a challenge to the party leader and the Chancellor, it is therefore, if Merz now says the “FAZ” on the question of a Minister, “such an office I would trust me because of my experience in business and politics,” and adds: “but This is not in my Hand, but that is a matter for the Chancellor.” You will, says Merz, after the end of January or beginning of February, re-interview” with Kramp agreed “-Karrenbauer.

What Merz is saying actually: I’m ready for a Minister – the Chancellor is offering me one, please ensure beautiful, the CDU-Chairman.

AKK in the horns of a dilemma

he did not stand on the Hamburg Federal Congress after the defeat against Kramp-karrenbauer for a position in the CDU leadership, defended Merz in the Interview, and now he’s apparently ready for a Ministerial post, as a Whole, to go. “I have renewed my offer to really go all out in the policy, and my previous professional activity to give up,” he says about his conversation with the Chairman.

Whether it’s Merz says seriously with his surprising ambitions or not – in any case, he brings Kramp-Karrenbauer now in a quandary: If you are not using its Predecessor, Merkel for a Cabinet post for Merz, he and his followers can for all time say that the new CDU leadership had to boot the Losing be aware. The elections in the coming year, should then go for the Christian Democrats wrong, it would be the Black Peter Kramp-Karrenbauer.

voice catching Podcast #78: the Mission of Merz is failed

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the party boss for a Merz-Minister – in question only the economy would probably resort as its supporters wish, they risk a hand-fixed conflict with the Chancellor, which it has funded to date. This would then have to replace your Familiar, Peter Altmaier, in the Ministry of economy by Merz.

As I said, it’s a fight announcement. It gives all those in the Merz-camp hope, the want to know of the defeat of nothing.

And it is definitely not what has been presented to the new CDU leadership, including the torn party.

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