users of the cryptographic measurement engers Threema with a new feature called Threema Safe important data automatically in the future on the Threema Server, or on a self-selected Server. This helps, for example, then when you lose be for Threema used Smartphone.

part of the Safe Back-ups are basic information like ID, user name, profile picture and contacts, and group memberships, and distribution lists, as well as numerous privacy settings. News content is not part of this backup.

According to Threema, the Baking is encrypted up with a user-chosen password. It means that the used algorithm was “intentionally memory – and compute-intensive to Brute-Force make it difficult to attack”.

All 24 hours of a backup

“Threema Safe created approximately every 24 hours, a Back-up, unless the data has changed and an Internet connection,” explains the company’s new feature. “Each new Back-up replaces the previous one, so that there is always exactly one current Back-up.”

To set up the Back-up process should you open in the main view of all of the things by tapping on the three horizontal bars on the left of the top of the page menu. After you get over the “My Back-ups” and “Threema Safe” to the Option “back up Now”.

the Threema App Provides up to 180 days to no connection to the Threema Server, will be deleted with your created Threema-Safe-Back-up automatically.

change from iOS to Android possible

In contrast to the already longer possible backup of your Threema ID to be on Threema, the user is Safe to take profile even with a device switch from Android to iOS or the other way and continue to use. “Threema Safe is platform-independent,”. “No matter what Threema Version Threema-Safe Back-up has been created, it can be on any platform restore.”

First of all, Threema Safe, however, is only for Android users (App Version 3.6). iOS and Windows Phone will soon be using the Update also supported.


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