In Mexico, will be tried according to the state Oil company, Pemex, every 30 minutes, illegal, a fuel line to tap into. To October, around 12 500 of such incidents had been reported, reported the daily newspaper “Milenio”, referring to the company.

The number of offences increases, therefore, in comparison to the previous year rapidly: Reported incidents have increased by 45 percent. In the States of Puebla, Hidalgo and Guanajuato had been to most of the Attacks on transmission lines. The detection rate would be difficult to explain according to Pemex through a better Monitoring of what the Attacks stop.

theft costs Pemex 1.5 billion euros

The trafficking and smuggling of stolen gasoline in Mexico, for criminal organizations, a billion-dollar business. Pemex suffer alone this year, a loss of 35 billion Pesos (approximately 1.5 billion euros).

However, the theft is not harmless: Regularly it comes to explosions on the Pipelines, which Hurt many of the Dead are calling. In the theft of both local groups as well as large criminal syndicates are also involved. A band dispute alone cost in the past year, twelve Öldieben life.


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