the mayor of The Mexican border city of Tijuana has cried out because of the thousands of migrants from Central America a humanitarian emergency. He had asked the United Nations for help in coping with the influx of people, the Tijuana will be stranded, said mayor Juan Manuel Gastélum.

He would spend no funds for the care of migrants, said Gastélum. At the same time, he accused Mexico’s government of lack of support.

the Last of 5,000 migrants from Central America are estimated to be in Tijuana arrived. Many were made in what is called a caravan in the middle of October of Honduras from the USA.

In the South of California, located in Tijuana you must expect to have to for months to endure before they have a vague view on a request for asylum in the United States. For some residents of the Mexican border town of the nerves are, therefore, bright, recently it came to protests against the migrants.

1/16 migrants from Central America on the way to the USA. Here near the Mexican city of Tijuana © Kim Kyung Hoon/Reuters 2/16 Hectic scenes in the Mexican city of Metapa: police officers push back migrants. © Alkis Konstantinidis/Reuters 3/16 to the foot of the migrants in the Camps. Several men climb up on a Truck. © Kim Kyung Hoon/Reuters, 4/16, A man from Honduras on the way in the Mexican city of Tijuana. On his shoulders he bears his son. © Kim Kyung Hoon/Reuters 5/16 stopover in the city of Mexicali: a Lot of migrants come from the Central American country of Honduras. They hope in the United States for a better life. © Pedro Pardo/AFP/ 6/16 Some, the hope, the Perseverance to Mexico’s border already. “The opportunities to come in the USA, are equal to zero”, you said. © Pedro Pardo/AFP/ 7/16 How much is left? Migrants at the Counting of money. © Pedro Pardo/AFP/ 8/16 US President, Donald Trump has not sent to 5,800 soldiers at the border of the United States, the “people’s caravan” in the United States. © Pedro Pardo/AFP/ 9/16 migrants look for when Going through the border barrier of Mexicali (Mexico) from Calexico, a city in the U.S. state of California. © Pedro Pardo/AFP/ 10/16 in Mexico, there are demonstrations against the migrants from Central America. “No to the Invasion”, on this paper plate. © Guillermo Arias/AFP/ 11/16 At the border between Tijuana and California was stopped on the US side for several hours of transport. The time was used to new cross-border barriers to install. © Marco Ugarte/AP/dpa 12/16 A US judge has blocked for now, Donald trump’s decree. It was to prohibit migrants to seek asylum, should have been the entry into the United States illegally. © Mario Tama/ 13/16 look at a migrant camp in Tijuana, © Rodrigo Abd/AP/dpa 14/16 A little Boy in a Camp in Tijuana © Ramon Espinosa/AP/dpa 15/16 At the border barrier between Mexico and the USA © Guillermo Arias/AFP/ 16/16 U.S. border guards, on Quad bikes, horseback and on foot: they patrol along the U.S. land border. © Guillermo Arias/AFP/

US President Donald Trump does not want to let the migrants into the country. Among them are Criminals, band members and even terrorists, said Trump.

Recently threatened Trump with a closure of the southern border to Mexico, if his government had the impression that the neighbour got the situation under control. By decree Trump is trying to enforce that illegally across the southern border of people entering people did not claim asylum are likely to be more. A Federal judge stopped the arrangement for the time being.

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