The 31-year-old Ex-Playboy Model stand 120 Times on the stage of the pub "the king of beer" in Mallorca. On Sunday evening she sang for the season 2018 for the last Time. In a speech you gave, according to the "image" the last months pass in review: "The year 2018 was not necessarily easy for me. Again and again, any Kackbratzen come and try you small talk", told Mia Julia.

her words were directed towards her record company Summerfield. The singer said: "My record company won’t let me free, let me out of the contract, and that’s why I can’t produce new music for you. I hope, therefore, all the questions from the room now. I have long held the face, but I just have to say, why it is so."

The record company’ll have your freedom, explained the 31-Year-old: "I feel a bit like my wings were glued together because of nasty tar and snot and shit that hangs on my wings. And I can’t work freely as an artist."

But it was not only in angry words. Mia concluded her monologue with a touching confession of love to your 31-year-old husband Peter. Compared to the "image" newspaper, the singer: "none of this was planned. Not once that I’ve brought Peter to the stage. It has been building but this year so much, that it broke out of me."

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