US President Donald Trump has spoken in favour of his Ex-lawyer Michael Cohen must serve a prison sentence. “That is, he can’t do all these terrible things associated with Trump, but with fraud, large loans, Taxis, etc., and must serve any long jail sentence?”, Trump wrote on Twitter, referring to Cohen’s lawyers, who argued before a court that her client go to prison. In his opinion, Cohen had to serve a penalty in the full extent, tweeted the US President.

Cohen had stood in the past week, surprisingly, he has lied before the U.S. Congress regarding the Russia-affair – to Trump loyalty. In the case of the affair is, among other things, the construction of the Trump Towers in Moscow. Cohen admitted that at the time of the negotiations about the project of making false declarations, so that they appeared in line with trump’s political message. In Congress, the lawyer had said that the Trump Tower project was completed in January 2016. According to its current representation it continued, however, until June 2016, as Trump had the nomination for the presidential candidate of the Republicans for sure.

Trump described the statements of Cohen’s made up. Prior to his departure for the G20 summit in Argentina at the weekend, the US President in front of journalists said that Cohen lie to a milder penalty. Cohen is cooperating with FBI special investigator Robert Mueller and other investigators. His lawyers argue that he doesn’t deserve it because of this cooperation, to going to jail.

Trump wrote in another Tweet, Mueller it is not about finding the truth – he was only interested in lying. The special investigator is investigating whether there were alleged Russian interference in the US presidential election campaign collusion between Trumps campaign team and representatives of Russia. The US President has referred to the investigation repeatedly as a witch-hunt.

Cohen worked for ten years for Trump, as this with his property and licensing business, with TV and appearances, advertising earned a lot of money. Already in August, the lawyer had known to be guilty of fraud. In front of a Federal judge in New York, Cohen had given at the time, among other things, to have hush money in the amount of 130,000 or $ 150,000 to the porn actress Stormy Daniels, respectively, the Ex-Playmate Karen McDougal paid, and which, after the sexual contacts to Trump.

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