Michael Cohen, once a lawyer of the US presidents, Donald Trump, has occurred in a New York court, and has testified before the US Congress lied. He had made it to 2017 before the intelligence Committee of the Senate false information about the construction of Trump Towers in Moscow. Cohen said, about the time of the negotiations about the project of making false declarations, that they may be published in accordance with Trumps political message. In Congress, he had said, the Trump Tower project was completed in January 2016. After its current presentation, it was continued to June 2016, as Trump had the nomination for the presidential candidate of the Republicans for sure.

Trump described the statements of Cohen’s immediately as a lie. Prior to his departure for the G20 summit, according to Argentina, the US President in front of reporters, said the presentation of Cohen’s is a work of fiction. “He’s lying”, in order to get a more lenient sentence, said Trump.

Cohen worked for ten years for Trump, as this with his property and licensing business, with TV and appearances, advertising, accumulated a fortune. In August, the lawyer had already other misconduct pleaded guilty. At the time, it went to his taxi business, Bank fraud, and his work for trump’s campaign.

in Front of a Federal judge in New York, Cohen had given at that time to have the hush money in the amount of 130,000 or $ 150,000 to the porn actress Stormy Daniels, respectively, the Ex-Playmate Karen McDougal paid, and which, after the sexual contacts to Trump. He had acted on the instructions “of a candidate” and to influence the “Intention of the election”.

Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, said later: “This is Michael, who fulfilled his promise – his family and his country and to tell the truth about Donald Trump.” Cohen had stated “under oath that Donald Trump has instructed him to commit a crime, he paid two women with the main goal to influence an election”.

observers were already at that time, that Cohen can be expected to be an admission of guilt and cooperation with the office of the Prosecutor for a more lenient sentence. The judgment against him on 12. December fall.

Short explains How to threat the Russia-investigations for Donald Trump? Russian Electoral manipulation, secret Deals, obstruction of Justice: Robert Mueller’s investigation will approach the White house. The progress of the investigation, briefly explained in the Video

In the courtroom in Manhattan was the US media, according to a staff of special investigators Robert Mueller present. This examines the alleged contacts of Trump and his campaign team to Russia. The US security authorities believe that Russia has influence on the 2016 presidential election. The choice won the Trump in front of his democratic Challenger Hillary Clinton.

Cohen’s lawyer said in court, in the context of a so-called plea deals – a deal with the prosecution authority, the work his client with Mueller’s Team. And further: The agreement includes cooperation in Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the US election.

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