The former lawyer of the US President, Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, is in the opinion of the public Prosecutor’s office a longer time in prison. A request to the Federal government was advocacy before a court in New York. She throws Cohen, among other things, violations of tax and campaign Finance laws, as well as know prior to the accidental false statements to the Congress. The sentence on Cohen to be announced on Wednesday.

prosecutors accuse him to have over the years, from “personal greed” against a number of laws violated. His Power and influence he had used for “fraudulent purposes”, Federal Prosecutor Robert Khuzami. He recommended a prison sentence between 51 and 63 months for Cohen, who was more than a connected one and a half decades of personal and business closely with Trump.

Cohen had recently pleaded guilty to the Congress on contacts to Moscow, and a real estate project Trumps in the Russian capital being lied to. The case concerned the planned construction of a Trump high-rise building in Moscow.

Otherwise, the office of the attorney General pre-charges against Cohen brought, among other things, on the hush money payments to two alleged former sex partners Trumps, the porn actress Stormy Daniels, and the former Playboy Model Karen McDougal relate. These payments are in breach of laws on election campaign financing.

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