France’s controversial star writer Michel Houellebecq has outed himself as a Fan of US President Donald Trump. The billionaire was “one of the best American President I’ve ever seen,” wrote Houellebecq in a Thursday post for the New Yorker “Harper’s Magazine”. The notorious provocateur sings a song of praise to the Trump because of its protectionist trade policy, the contempt for the EU and the tough dealing with heads of state like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un.

Although because of his laconic novels worldwide acclaimed author begins the article by he referred to Trump as a “terrifying Clown”. Then he showered the Republicans but with praise. “It seems that President Trump even managed to tame the North Korean are Mistaken; I found this feat in a positive sense, precious,” wrote Houellebecq.

generally, he can gain Trumps foreign policy a lot. “The United States are no longer the leading Power in the world.” It must be for the people in the country “is not necessarily bad news” for the Rest of the world, it was certainly a “good news”. The reason: “The Americans let us exist.” Also a possible end of Nato would be a “new reason to sing the praises of President Trump”. Finally, the writer addresses the “honorable American people”: Maybe you’ll see ultimately Trump as a “necessary ordeal”.

New book for January announced

Houellebecq was kicked in the past, with political provocations. In his 2015 Bestseller “submission” was he an Islamist candidate in the presidential election in France in the year 2022 win. On the day that the French version of “submission” was released, committed Islamists are an attack on the Paris satirical newspaper “Charlie Hebdo”.

For the 7. January 2019 is announced a new book by Michel Houellebecq. His German publishers, Dumont, could, however, give no information on the content – not even the title is so far known.

In a very successful portrait of the writer, “Who is Michel Houellebecq? Portrait of a Provocateur” (Rowohlt 2017), writes the “FAS”-literary managers Julia Encke, Houellebecqs border crossing event “in the area of his artistic strategies”, it was part of his Performance. “Are you a provocateur?”, got him the Moderator of a French talk show once asked. Encke quoted Houellebecqs answer: “Yes, from time to time, when I’m bored.”


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