The choice to the Senate seat for Arizona is decided, and The democratic members Kyrsten Sinema has expanded the lead over her Republican rival, Martha McSally, and is now has an unassailable lead. McSally admitted their defeat: they’ve called their democratic rival, Kyrsten Sinema, and congratulated her on her victory, said McSally in a published Video. Sinema will after a “hard battle” to be the first female Senator for Arizona.

It is the first victory for the Democrats in Arizona since 1988. The Republican incumbent Jeff Flake, a critic of U.S. President Donald Trump, no longer stood for election this year. The success of the Democrats in Arizona does not alter the fact that the Republicans were able to defend their Senate majority.

The Americans had already voted on Tuesday a week ago, the Congress. All 435 seats in the house of representatives were awarded the house and 35 of the 100 seats in the Senate, the other chamber of the U.S. Parliament. The counting of votes in individual States due to lack of results and inconsistencies for a long time.

In Florida is because of a tight vote. Also in Georgia, the process will take longer. Here, a Federal judge ordered that the results of the election must be made at the earliest on Friday finally confirmed. As a reason, he cited, among other things, concerns regarding the registration system.

The democratic candidate Stacey Abrams could be in Georgia, the first black Governor of the United States. The preliminary results, the Republican rival Brian Kemp is just in front of her. In the case of a recount or re-evaluation of votes Abrams could force a runoff election.

trump’s a Republican who lost in the congressional elections, their majority in the house of representatives, their narrow majority in the Senate, however, defended. There you have 51 of the 100 seats in any case, sure, even in spite of the defeat in Arizona. The rest of the Senate should be run out of races in favor of Democrats, would change the majority for the Republicans in the chamber.

would, However, be succeeded to the Republicans and then only to keep their wafer-thin majority in the Senate, with an effort, instead of this, as you had hoped.

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