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two years Ago, the experts in the country agreed that There is a clear victory for Hillary Clinton. The New York Times saw the Chance of a Clinton victory on election night in more than 80 percent. A few hours later, disillusionment prevailed, all the Numbers had turned out to be incorrect. Donald Trump won the States that are supposed to safely go to the Democrats. Despite all the forecasts, Trump became the President of the United States.

The rage about the polls, especially among Democrats. They had led the country astray. “In 2016, has taken the surveys, the credibility,” says election expert William Galston from the think-tank Brookings Institution in Washington.

Midterms the US Congress elections

6. November will be elected to the United States, all the members of the house of representatives and about a third of the senators, and senators. The Governor and Parliament elections coming up in many States. Above all, it is a question of which party of the two chambers is controlled in the US Congress, currently the Republicans the majority in both. It is the first country-wide elections since the inauguration of President Donald Trump, so, indirectly, an important test for him.

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