solidarity is the magic word in the EU debate on refugees and migrants is currently. The Problem is that Everyone interprets the term differently, and that was at the EU summit.

The main characters: Austria’s Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, the migration of the enemies in Eastern Europe and Italy, in the middle of it: the German Chancellor.

two years Ago, the EU has decided against the resistance of some of the Eastern members, to distribute refugees by quota to the States. From the distribution nothing was – but the consequences of the decision, the EU is still suffering from until today.

in the Meantime, there is always more awareness, “that mandatory quotas are not come,” said Short, whose country currently holds the rotating presidency of the EU, on Thursday for the Start of the summit. He now wants to move away from the distribution – and suggested “that we go in the direction of compulsory solidarity. Everyone should make a contribution where it can and where it is logical,” said Short.

Chancellor kanzelt Chancellor

but Merkel holds nothing. The concept of listening to “first of all, as the Heading well,” said the Chancellor after the summit. However, it is to be feared that all EU member States prefer to pay money than people. The main arrival countries would be in crisis situations then, once again, alone. Merkel’s judgment on the Initiative of the Austrian Chancellor: “I believe that we are making a bit of this is still to easy.”

Sebastian Kurz

However, Merkel’s proposals have brought to the EU so far, little progress. At the EU summit in June, they presented the agreement on reception camps in North Africa and the so-called controlled areas within the EU, in the home as a “European solution” to end the duration of the dispute with the CSU, Horst Seehofer.

But three and a half months later, it must hold: Merkel’s European solution, not a piece is moved forward. To date, no EU country is willing to so-called controlled centres. Also, the discussions with North African countries lost more than slow. So far, neither Egypt nor Libya have agreed to host so-called Disembarkation platforms.

Merkel herself, the man must know is not regarded as a supporter of these centers. It refers approximately to the criticism, which also exercises the UN’s refugee Agency, UNHCR, to the idea. Nevertheless, she took the summit agreement with this content in June, grateful to end their coalition crisis in Berlin.

Roaring Silence from Eastern Europe

And the rate? The summit communiqué from Thursday shows that the distribution issue still has priority. The Reform of the Dublin rules – according to which the state, on the bottom of which a Migrant arrives first, its asylum procedures – remains on the Agenda: The European Council would encourage the presidency, the work on the Reform of the common European asylum system to continue. A conclusion should be reached “as quickly as possible”.

But whether this can succeed is questionable. The Eastern Europeans, for example, assumes a Western European EU Diplomat, is listening in terms of solidarity the only “roaring Silence”. The biggest Laggards in terms of Migration but in the meantime, Italy. The populist government of Lega and the 5-star movement block currently everything said in Brussels.

So, the Commission had suggested recently, the Dublin-Reform split, to at least the already adopted parts of the implement. Rome is throbbing but according to diplomats on a package solution to his ideas to impose. And the claim that asylum seekers are no longer registered in the EU country you arrive first of all. Instead of this, Italy wants to reach the people most like to direct in other States.

What is the “controlled centers”?

Also in the “controlled centers” are all at a standstill. Originally, the Council of interior Ministers would have to decide in mid-October about the launch of a pilot project. But it was nothing – because Rome just wants to join in, even if France is based on its area of such facilities, is it from EU circles.

refugees on arrival in Lampedusa, Italy

In the process, have accepted the plans for the centres already taking concrete forms. The EU asylum Agency, Easo will take you in the future, all the steps of the asylum procedure, said Jamil Addou, the new head of the authority, in an interview with the MIRROR. The disembarkation, the registration and the survey of the asylum seekers belong to. At the end of the Easo is to submit an evaluation to the competent national authorities. “The final decision on the granting of asylum remains clear with the member States”, stresses Addou.

After the ideas of the Commission is to accommodate the Pilot centre, with around 100 professionals and 500 asylum-seekers. The latter should not be allowed to leave during the asylum procedure, the warehouse – however, for a maximum of four weeks, in which the asylum procedure to be completed. In the case of a positive decision by the relevant persons at the EU should be distributed to States, in the case of a rejection, quickly to their country of origin.

“We need to prove that the EU is a structured, sustainable and predictable solution,” says Addou. Europe’s partners in Africa would then be to persuade possibly easier to the planned Disembarkation platforms for migrants to set up on their territory: “We have to be credible.”

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