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five thousand kilometres to read. They crossed mountains and swam through a river on the border. During the day, you sweat on hot Asphalt, but at night they froze tarp under a plastic. Last Thursday, Ana Gonzales* finally reached Tijuana, a border city in Northern Mexico, along with her 15-year-old son. Only a few meters separate you from the USA.

again and again she had spoken during their March through Mexico, how much she was looking forward to this Moment. But now, she doesn’t sound cheerful. Powerless, she whispers into the phone: “So, here we are now.”

Ana Gonzales is one of those Thousands of migrants who have made it in October from Honduras to the United States. Worldwide they were known as “the caravan”; in the US the trek was a major issue in the midterm elections. About a month ago, the TIME was accompanied by Ana Gonzales for three days through Mexico. She had crossed the southern border of the country, more than 3500 kilometers were in front of her. Since then, it has been reported Gonzales regularly on the phone, her son sent photos via Facebook. She spoke of the cough, with a lot of infected and you is not got rid of until today. She reported that the six-month-old Baby died on the way. “We don’t know why,” she said, and added: “Maybe it was too much for the Little ones.”

This article dates back to the TIME no 48/2018. Here you can read the entire issue.

an experience told Gonzales in particular detail. She was with the caravan on the way to the city of Puebla. Twelve hours they had been on the road, to foot and without a Pause, and still five to six hours in front of you. Suddenly, a Truck kept next to you on the roadside. You and a few others went and regretted it immediately. “Inside, four men were waiting with weapons in Hand,” said Gonzales. “They turned and drove back the same way we were marching.”

migrants in Mexico, a business. Cartels kidnap them and blackmail their families back home. The Criminals to sell women and children as prostitutes, and forcing men to work as drug couriers. Gonzales knew that. “I was so scared,” she said. What the men with her and the others were up to, she learned. They had passed a police post, and shortly after, the Truck got held, and all had to get out. “In the middle of Nowhere.” What tells Gonzales, can’t check. Your report is similar to a case in which the Mexican Prosecutor’s office determined that Approximately 100 migrants were kidnapped on the same stretch of road, also of Truck drivers. A witness said: “65 children and seven women were sold.”

felt at the beginning of their March, Ana Gonzales of the mass of the migrants are still protected. On the loading surface of the Truck, you got to feel how powerful the Criminals in Mexico. So powerful that not even a caravan, which is observed by the state and journalists, can discourage them to commit crimes.

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