Ministry wants to facilitate deportations, The Federal government, according to a report in the newspaper, with new rules. Among the proposals was a night-time reporting requirement, reported the Bild am Sonntag, citing an appropriate document. Deportation of migrants in community accommodation would have to log out, therefore, in the future, if they have to leave their accommodation between midnight and six o’clock in the morning. In the case of a breach of this duty to stick to can be arranged.

In Hesse and lower Saxony, there is such a so-called night time, as it is said in the report. The increased use of such orders was, according to the Federal Ministry of the interior, required that “in order to counter the phenomenon of submarining effect”.

in Addition, the Ministry of the interior proposes, according to the report, migrants in the reception and repatriation centres is likely to pick up your Mail only with a chip card. This sign up have received, and when rejected asylum seekers, the deportation decision.

airlines should moreover agreements may be taken, such as the courts for deportation can be increased. Flight tickets for this purpose should, in the future, with no specific people Association as a “No-name-reservation” made, was quoted by the Bild am Sonntag from the Ministry of paper. Dip a refugee prior to his deportation, could be another in his place on Board sent.

In community accommodation, and anchor centres are to be employed according to the plans, the Doctors, instead of working as usual today, only days way there. This should be tested in the case of rejected asylum seekers faster, the ability to travel, the report says.

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