The United States and Mexico have submitted to in the fight against the background of illegal Migration a development plan for Central America. The United States agreed to invest approximately $ 5.8 billion (approximately EUR 5.1 billion) for economic growth and institutional reforms in the countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, as the U.S. state Department announced on Tuesday.

be provided an Additional 4.8 billion dollars of investment for the South of Mexico, said the Mexican foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard. The two countries want to fight the Migration from the South to the Latin American country and Central America in the direction of the USA. It is also the fight against criminals, international gangs and organized drug smuggling. The aid for Mexico aims to strengthen the Region as a whole.

Marcelo Ebrard

in Addition, a bilateral Meeting at Ministerial level on the topic of Migration is planned for the end of January, informed the foreign ministries of both countries. A newly established working group will monitor the investments and developments. Hundreds of thousands of people from the so-called Northern triangle in Central America make every year on the way in the direction of the USA. They are fleeing poverty and violence in their home countries in the hope of asylum.

U.S. President Donald Trump has threatened to remove the countries, development assistance, you should not get the Migration in the handle. In the dispute over the financing of the intended wall on the border to Mexico Trump to available resources, in the Federal authorities. “The President has asked all authorities to see if they have for this purpose money,” said trump spokeswoman Sarah Sanders in the White house. The opposition, the Democrats rely on their votes in the Senate Trump the funding – to refuse money for the wall. Trump has threatened in return with a part of Parts of the government from midnight to point silently in the night to Saturday.


Trump left open the possibility of this so-called shutdown on Tuesday. “We’ll see what happens,” he said. “It is too early to say anything.” He added: “We need border security.” The funding of several ministries in the night to Saturday. The group leaders of the Democrats in the Senate and in the house of representatives, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, have offered a transitional financing – no money for the border wall. Schumer Trump called on Tuesday to accept the suggestion.

Trump had said last week: “I am proud of the government for border security.” Sanders said on Tuesday on the channel Fox News: “We don’t want to close the government. We want to close the border against illegal immigration.” Trump demanded that the Congress originally, the grant of five billion dollars for the construction of a portion of the wall.

Trump had once promised that Mexico will pay for the construction of the wall. Sanders said the wall will be financed through the new, for the United States, advantageous trade agreements with Mexico and Canada (USMCA). Any profits from the Convention will benefit not however, companies and citizens, of the government.


it Should be up to the 21. December, no agreement, would the government run out of money, including the responsible for border guard Department of homeland security. During the Shutdown employees are sent to the forced leave, as well as Offices and institutions closed. Not the Pentagon, education, health, and the Ministry of labour would be affected, because for these ministries already in September, a longer-term budget was adopted in


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