During his visit in Saudi Arabia, has met US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo with crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. The focus of the conversation, the civil war in Yemen and how to deal with the murder of the saudi-Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Pompeo and Mohammed bin Salman – called MbS – protested that they wanted to stick to the ceasefire in Yemen. They had talked about a de-escalation and the implementation of the in Sweden, agreements regarding the Yemen conflict, informed the U.S. Embassy in Saudi Arabia. A comprehensive political solution is the only way to end the conflict, it said in a statement said the Embassy on Twitter.

Especially the implementation of the ceasefire in the embattled port city of Hudaida, and the troop movements were the topic of conversation. Saudi Arabia fought against the rebels with an Alliance of Sunni States, the Houthi, the large parts of the North of Yemen control. Riyadh receives extensive military and logistical support from the United States.

In Sweden, had been agreed by the parties to the conflict under mediation of the UN in December to a ceasefire for the port city of Hudaida on the Red sea. The ports in the Region are for the supply of the desperately poor citizens of war the country with the aid of enormous importance. The UN special envoy Martin Griffiths had requested in the last week “substantial progress” prior to further discussions.

a few weeks Ago, the UN had reported a success message from the war-torn Yemen: The Huthi rebels have begun withdrawing from the port city of Hudaida. There is, however, a doubt.

Saudi Arabia reaffirms the “determination” in the case of Khashoggi

Before his arrival in Saudi Arabia Pompeo had commented on the case of Khashoggi. We want to be sure that the person in charge of the murder case to be held responsible. In the case of Khashoggi had marred the relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia.

In the interview, MbS have confirmed, according to Pompeo “the resolution” to draw the killer from Khashoggi to account. King Salman and the crown Prince would have recognised that “accountability needs to take place”. Saudi Arabia, like the US, but would work the facts. “Our expectation is very clear,” said Pompeo. So all would have to, with the murder of the 2. October be be associated associated in the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul before a court.

How serious is the MbS with the enlightenment, in fact, remains uncertain. The CLA findings, which suggest that the crown Prince ordered personally the murder of critical journalists. Currently, eleven of the Accused in Riyadh to stand trial, should be responsible for the murder, five of them the death penalty. Your identity is not known, the judge shall be closed to the Public.

Pompeo is currently on an extended trip through the Arab world. According to a further stay in the Omani Minister Pompeo’m gonna shorten his trip to the middle East, however, and no longer travel to Kuwait, informed the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait. Reason, a death in the family of the foreign Minister. Pompeo, the planned talks in Kuwait will in a timely manner


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