Miuccia Prada is an attentive observer of contemporary events. Your fashion is mostly good, what moves the world (or at least parts of it): In the past year, the PhD in political science had compiled a collection of classic clothing styles to shake up the wardrobe for the freedom of life-loving styles should be. This time it went in her Fondazione Prada stricter.

The current political Situation, you feel as a “difficult, dangerous, and spiteful,” said Prada after the show last Sunday. Everything was thought of in view of this plight, it would have been military Looks. Belts, fur collars, epaulettes, shoulder cords: there are mainly parade uniforms of the Milan served as a source of Inspiration.

Really martial, the Outfits looked. They had too many colored Details, like embroidered flowers or hearts. The basic colors are Black and dark blue. First, the elegant men’s suits, jackets worn open and on bare skin in the Form. Naked skin below the pants over the ankles. For the ladies, Miuccia Prada also had suits in the Luggage. In addition, Bustiers, off the shoulder cocktail dresses with elegant cutouts, and thick knit sweaters.

John Richmond discovered sustainability

a Military snap to it and it was also on the catwalk of the British designer John Richmond who is nearly back already with two collections of Milan: dark military looks for men and short dresses for women. Warrior and Starlets – this combination seemed to be given current debates, however, is a little strange.

the Details were quite interesting. For example, the embroidered with Japanese motifs, recycled uniform materials or decorated with sequins, Levi s. worked “We don’t need to produce more Jeans, of which there are already enough,” said Richmond, who discovered the sustainability for its brand. This is definitely not a one-time thing, he promised, but a topic for the ages.

The four years, a relatively young Label Sunnei showed in Milan this time his first fully mixed-collection: oversized silhouettes, layered Looks, long scarves, heavy-weight sweater, these creations can cold weather. One of the Highlights of a waisted blouse which is closed at the top with a collar of sheepskin. The two designers combined a knee-length mixture of skirt and pants.

Versace remains true to

the first Versace-presentation, since the fashion house was bought last year by the Holding of the US-designer Michael Kors was expected. Fans of the brand are likely to be reassured that the new owner is wise enough not to change anything on the typical Versace Look. To hot: It remains to squeak colorful and wild, which is mainly due to the fact that Donatella Versace has remained on Board and continue to is responsible for the Design.

in addition to the obligatory Versace Logo the 63-experimented-Year-old this time with Bondage motifs as a pattern. A red T-Shirt was printed with a leather harness, as in the SM scene will be worn. This includes tight slip fit dresses and Leather dresses. Most prominent part in the men’s a two-parter in the tiger was the ducks Look. Maybe not necessarily suitable for everyone, but definitely the right one for the cold Season. what do you mean? Vote!

And so it goes: you always see two photos in comparison. Click on the Outfit you like better. The other one disappears, a new one appears at the end of your favorite look remains.

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