North and South Korea have vacated as part of its peace effort, numerous guard posts along their border. As a spokesman for the defense Ministry confirmed in Seoul, South Korea demilitarized eleven Posts in the border area and all the soldiers and weapons removed. The Ministry will assume that North Korea will also be closed from eleven facilities to border security. South Korea have already begun, the abandoned Items removed.

The step is part of a military agreement that had been signed by the defense Ministers of both countries in September. The task of the border post is regarded as a confidence test In December is to be examined, whether both States have kept to the agreement. This is the case, are to be removed all the armed guards in the buffer zone. In the past few weeks, both States had already removed all landmines from the border area.

soldiers, machine guns, barbed wire

South Korea has reportedly about 60 guards in the border region: It will be bunker-like concrete structures, manned with soldiers with machine guns and barbed wire fence surround. It is believed that North Korea has about 160 guards in the 248-kilometre-long border zone.

After decades of tensions, North and South Korea presidents agreed in April, a reconciliation between the two States. At that time, they signed a common Declaration, which should usher in a “new Era of peace”.

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