Gwyneth Paltrow has been sued by a 72-Year-old from the US state of Utah. In February 2016, the actress, in Park City, should be driven “out of control”, a ski slope down. In the process, they met with Terry Sanderson and I hurt him, so the accusation.

The optician specifies that he had broken in the Crash, four Ribs and a brain injury incurred. In addition, the actress and her instructor had left him after the collision, just lie and no help is brought in. Paltrow had made, therefore, also the “hit-and-run” guilty, quoted by the magazine “People” of the writ.

Terry Sanderson at a court hearing in Salt Lake City

Now Sanderson of the Oscar-winning actress (“Shakespeare in Love”), a compensation of more than three million US dollars. Paltrow’s spokesman for the team denied the allegations, according to the “People.” The suit is “completely unfounded”, it said.


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