According to a Europe-wide investigation of the Hessian land criminal police office (LKA) has been taken from a suspected thief of Crypto-currency to the value of at least ten million euros is now in the British Oxford. In the process, were seized, according to information from the police Computer, data carriers, drugs, and cash. The 36-Year-old was suspected of theft, fraud and money laundering, said a spokesman from Europol on Thursday.

The case had already become in January the year 2018, according to a communication of the Hessian land criminal police office. Currently, the police go out of the 85 Victims, where the alleged perpetrator is said to have stolen the money in the crypto currency Iota.

The LKA and the Central office for combating Internet crime (ZIT) of the General Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt had become in the past July living in the UK Suspect’s attention. Subsequently, investigators from the Cybercrime special unit of Europol and the UK police have been turned on authorities.

“the success of The investigation also shows us that in the area of the crime in connection with crypto a blow currencies strong international well-functioning police network,” said Matthias Krekeler from the Hessian state office of criminal investigation. His British colleague, Detective Inspector Rob Bryant called for other potential Victims to contact the local police.


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