Fiat Chrysler and Bosch have settled in the United States complain because of excessive exhaust emissions with a multi-million dollar Compare.

The Italian-American car manufacturer to accept a total payment in the amount of approximately $ 800 million (696 million euros). The German supplier of the total amount is almost $ 131 million (€114 million). The company announced on Thursday that independently of each other.

US authorities had accused of Fiat Chrysler, emission limits at about 104,000 diesel models Jeep Cherokee and Ram 1500 vehicles equipped with a special Software bypassed. The company has rejected a intentional misconduct always has to give in the course of the comparisons, no admission of guilt.

charges already accounted for in the balance sheet

Specifically, Fiat Chrysler’s payments of more than $ 500 million agreed to in proceedings of American States and the Ministry of justice to redeem. A comparison with a class-action lawsuit by U.S. car owners could documents of the group, according to the court, in addition to approximately $ 300 million cost. According to the company, the whole of the charges were recorded in the third quarter of 2018, as provisions in the balance sheet.

In comparison to the sums of the Volkswagen in the diesel affair had to muster, Fiat Chrysler, relatively harmless. VW has already recorded more than 25 billion dollars in legal costs for comparisons with U.S. plaintiffs. However, the wolf burgers were also accused of purposeful deceit and obstruction of the investigation, in addition, significantly more diesel vehicles were affected.

Bosch has charge back

in the case against Fiat-Chrysler co-accused suppliers, Bosch is taking in the compromise with the private class action plaintiffs, payments to 27.5 million dollars. Add to that according to the company, $ 103 million when compared with the 50 U.S. States. Was a Bosch – like in the diesel scandal of Volkswagen due to the delivered components for the affected diesel engines, the co-defendant.

Bosch Also rejects the accusation, to be aware of exhaust gas manipulation may have been involved. The Stuttgart-based goods already in the US-lawsuits against VW been mitbeschuldigt and had already paid 327,5 million dollars.


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