“I am very to normalize monetary policy. This also means that we should raise interest rates gradually,” said Sabine Lautenschläger, in an Interview with the “Welt am Sonntag”. For the Vice-Head of the ECB banking supervision, the emphasis is on the word "gradually". Lautenschläger authority, BaFin, has previously worked at the German financial.

With the expiry of the bond-buying programme by the European Central Bank set the course for future interest rate to be charged increases. But investors have to be patient: “It would be wrong, however, to a very expansionary monetary policy, now abruptly in the other direction,” said Lautenschläger.

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low interest rates, "economic growth"

The Banker defends himself in the Interview, also against the much-voiced criticism of the low-interest-rate-policy. The measures would promote economic growth – with positive consequences for the social funds, thanks to the historically low unemployment.

according to Schlager, literally: “German savers sometimes forget: you can only save one, because you have work to do." Rash step in the interest threatened increases in economic growth. The loss of the company and will not help a saver.

the collapse of Lehman brothers, so today is no longer possible

A consolation, the renowned financial expert for investors. It will be also in future crises in the financial markets, but in comparison to the collapse of Lehman brothers on 15. In September 2008, the money houses were better prepared. "banks hold much more capital and liquidity," so loud racket.

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In the FOCUS Online/Wochit experts warn that The turnaround in interest rates threatens to become a nightmare

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