With the 1. January 2019, new rules for part-time and continuing education opportunities. The Overview:

Bridge part-time

With the turn of the year, there is the so-called Bridge part-time. Originally between the employee and the employer agreed working hours can be reduced for up to five years. Thereafter, the employer must allow it to return to full-time. For the scheme there are two requirements: The company must have at least 45 Employees, and the employee must be at least half a year in operation, busy. Important caveat: an employer with 46 to 200 employees, only one of 15 or more employees must grant the claim on the Bridge part-time.

training for the digital world

Employees should be prepared for the digital change. There is improved funding of training courses by the employment Agency. The regardless of education, age and farm size. Also for workers, enabling them to Supplement their low salary with Hartz IV, it is to enter this promotion.

More time for the tax Declaration

workers will have two more months ‘ time, your tax make a statement. The appropriate Declaration must be made by 31 December. July the tax office. So far, the date was the end of may. A tax Advisor or a payroll tax help Association everything for the tax office, the documents for the year 2019 and even up to 29. February 2020

be submitted No daycare costs for low income earners

The day-care centres in the country should be higher in quality and for low income earners free of charge. This means the “Good-Kita-law countries”. 2019 to be first of 500 million euros. By 2022, a total of 5.5 billion euros from the Federal to the countries distributed. With the money, for example, longer opening Hours or additional educators may be financed for kindergartens and nurseries.

Other positive effects for workers in the payroll, there are tax relief and higher participation of employers in the health insurance cost .

More on the topic of Changes for the new year, So you get to 2019, more money (without having to something about it

a Higher minimum wage

earn to do) low-income earners with an income at the level of the minimum wage from 1. January 35 cents more per hour. The legal minimum wage will be increased from 8,84 Euro gross 9,19 euros. A year later, there is the next increase, on 1. January 2020 is increasing the minimum wage to 9,35 Euro gross per hour.

promotion for the long-term unemployed

For the long-term unemployed, Jobs are promoted for re-entry into professional life. For five years, employers receive money from the state: In the first two years, wage costs are assumed complete, then the grant is reduced each year by ten percentage points. The condition is that the long-term unemployed older than 25 years and within seven years for at least six years of Hartz IV.


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