On a morning in late March, Franziska Giffey is sitting on a small chair next to a little girl. Welcome aboard the adventure Airlines, calls the educator. You fly around the world. Even after Afghanistan, as the girl comes, sits next to Giffey. The Minister of the SPD, at the time, still new in office, has fun in the daycare center in Berlin’s prefabricated housing district of Berlin-Marzahn.

Such appointments can Year the 40. Dates on which it comes to empathy, to contact with the people. It cuts out with the children, butterflies, mothers on a coffee table, talking about Integration and working women. Or meet with young people for a voluntary service.


she Always has to bring something. The continuity of a project, a new program, or a draft law.

250 dates in 195 days

For nine months Giffey’s family Affairs Minister, she was previously the district mayor of Berlin-Neukölln. A steep career. In this time, so she wrote in September, has completed an article for the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” nearly 250 appointments.

250 dates in 195 days. Giffey is almost constantly on the move.

When you talk to people that you hear for the first Time to talk, say many, Giffey interactive, practical and honest. Authentic. The base of the SPD, a bearer of hope in her. Giffey is part of the only of the Grand coalition Cabinet on the side of the SPD – not to the Veteran. For you, this is an advantage. Striking is rarely emphasized their affiliation to the party. This may be due to political inexperience, but it could also be calculus.

The contagion of the SPD is not her fault, she is the outsider. It is no earlier Martin Schulz, no Kevin Kühnert, it does not trigger any enthusiasm on party days. But she is as hardworking as one that does its Job well. For this, she is estimated to be in the party and the group.

As she considers this year her first speech in the Bundestag, noted her nervousness. It was an honor to be in the Bundestag to speak. It is a speech without wit, without irony, both of which are otherwise quite. Speaking in front of the Parliament falls heavier than in the meetings with the citizens. But in her first speech, she announces, an act for the more quality in day-care centres.

Giffey in Berlin school

Actually, it is called kita quality development law. The is bulky. Giffey calls it simply the “Good-Kita-law”.


in April you will submit a draft law. A kind of tool box: With ten instruments should be able to determine the countries themselves how they want to improve the quality of their day care centers. There should be cooperation agreements with the countries set in it, what goals you have.

The law is changed in the following months – this is normal, a law is in agreement with all ministries, the Cabinet, the Bundestag and the Bundesrat.

But the criticism of Giffeys plans is massive. Trade unions and lobby groups to defend themselves against the final draft. There are no uniform nationwide Standards had been defined, it is a flick was still carpet. The countries would use the money to make the day-care centres for parents-contributory – this means, but no better quality of care. The lack of staff will stay with the abolition of the posts in all of the länder, just as blatantly as is currently the case.

Is: What good is a “Good-Kita-law,” if there are enough educators?

resistance also came from the countries and from the coalition partners. The Prime Minister also wished to see a commitment of money through 2022, the Union rejected the.

For Giffey, the criticism is unpleasant. The “good Kita” prestige project, actually, Giffey wanted to pass the law in autumn, the beginning of 2019, it should come into force. However, the schedule wobbled. At the last Minute, the Union and the SPD have agreed on the compromise that the countries can spend the planned 5.5 billion euros of the Federal government for an improvement in the quality as well as for the contribution of freedom. This week the law by the Bundestag and the Bundesrat.

Why crunched it so? Has miscalculated Giffey? Perhaps she’s not used to it yet, to organize majorities. It only occurred in 2007 in the SPD. You sat in any country in Parliament, not even in the Bundestag, before joining the government Bank. Without a doubt, she has great political Talent – but sometimes, the impression that your network is lacking.


On a Tuesday in early December, Giffey is the case with some critics of the lobby associations. In the group room of the SPD in the Bundestag Giffey wants to explain why the law is a milestone. Will be presented to you by the SPD-party Johannes Kahrs. “My favourite Minister,” he says, “in the SPD parliamentary group, we are all great Franziska Fans.”

A few people in the hall chuckle. No one claps.

Giffey talks, there are no nationwide Standards for the quality of the daycare centers, because they were not yet so far, because the countries are so far still. Their law is not the end of the path, but a very important step on the path to kindergarten for each child, if desired.

Then she stops, turns around. Behind her is the Power Point presentation is running.

Giffey raises the voice: “Here, the music is not playing there, here, Yes?”

The Minister for good now: “Dit is but as always. Do you have a Power Point or do you really have something to tell? I tell you what!” You don’t wish, “that you watch all of the past me, I look at you.”

Nervous Laughter in the audience, the Power Point presentation will eventually be stopped. At the Moment you can feel the authority, the Giffey radiates.

“politics is always something that needs to bring reality and claim,” she says. The law is not a resounding success, also Giffey knows. Also, you would like to invest more.

want After all, to introduce later this month, a Skilled worker campaign. There should be a training allowance for educators, and the school money is to be eliminated. Giffey says she wishes that the positive sides would be seen. After all we have 5.5 billion to spend 500 million already in the year 2019.

voice catch #65: Kita-unemployment in Germany: Why not, better get out the policy?

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Giffey is already working on her next major project, jointly with the Minister for labour, Hubertus Heil. They called it the “Strong families act”. She wants to increase the child allowance and the upper limit of the income to which it applies, fluent design. Sounds good – classic SPD policy, classic SPD clientele. But the Opposition criticised: “The Problem is that the new law reaches many children in poverty”, says Green party leader Anna Lena Baerbock. According to the new design would continue to be achieved only entitled to 35 percent of the claim.

In your party is traded Giffey in the meantime, for all sorts of Offices, journalists ask you for your ambitions. Also, if you could imagine, to be Chancellor candidate. Again and again it means that you could replace Michael Müller, Governing mayor of Berlin.

Will you recommend for Higher, should come to their next projects smoothly through the parliamentary process as the “Good-Kita-law”. But Giffey has a motto: women can do anything.

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