Mirae-Asset's-trust-money-tops-$6.3 billion
Mirae Asset head office in Seoul/Courtesy of Mirae Asset Global Investments

Asset management firm reaches new milestone

Mirae Asset Global Investments keeps beefing up its leadership in the Korean asset management market as the outfit’s trust money topped 7 trillion won last year.

The amount continues to rise into this year as investors trusted around 300 billion won to Mirae Asset during the first week of 2020, according to the Seoul-based company this week.

As a result, its total trust money stood at 7.34 trillion won ($6.3 billion) as of January 8, by far the largest among Korean companies.

Its personal pension account had 3.6 trillion won while that of its retirement pension runned 3.7 trillion won. As a result, the business bellwether’s market share surpassed 20 percent.

Mirae Asset said that the outfit attracts customers thanks to its advanced risk management know-how and global networks involving a total of 12 countries.

Its funds have chalked up handsome profits in the domestic market. When it comes to foreign stock fund market, Mirae Asset is also second to none as amply demonstrated its performances last year.

Out of the 10 most profitable foreign stock funds last year, Mirae Asset managed six.

In line with increasing life expectancy in Korea, Mirae Asset has come up with various retirement pension products,” said Ryu Gyeong-sik who leads the firm’s pension marketing department.

We will continue to offer all-in-one solutions for our clients so that they will be able to manage their retirement assets well.”

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