Consumers queue up to get inside Missha's 20th store in Turkey, which recently opened in Ankara. Courtesy of Able C&C

Able C&C launches 5 shops in 2 months

South Korean cosmetics brand Missha has opened its 20th store in Turkey to make its presence felt in the significant market. Missha has briskly made inroads into the global market.

Able C&C, the cosmetics maker that owns Missha, said on September 25 that the 20th store is situated at Tunali Hilmi Street, a bustling street in Turkey’s capital Ankara.

The cosmetics manufacturer launched five stores in Turkey over the past two months in line with the rising popularity of the Missha brand there.

Able C&C first tapped into Turkey in October 2014 by establishing its first shop in Ankara. The Seoul-based company chalked up $670,000 in sales in the year.

Thereafter, the sales jumped to $1.2 million in 2016 and $2.33 million last year. Able C&C topped $3 million in turnover during the first half of this year alone.

Currently, the brand operates stores in a total of eight cities in Turkey. In Ankara, it has seven stores.

Olcay Arslan, chief of Missha Turkey’s exclusive distributor ARS Cosmetic, pin hopes on the future of Missha.

In Turkey, most Korean cosmetics brands have reduced their business, or some even left the country. But Missha is an exception as it racks up fast growth,” he said.

Turkish end users regard Missha as a premium brand. It competes with such brands as L’Occitane and MAC.”

Able C&C Chief Globalization Officer Erica Choi said that Turkey is a crucial market because the country is a cultural and geographical hub, which connects Europe and the Middle East.

We will put forth efforts to encourage more consumers to love our products in other countries,” Choi said.

Able C&C runs up to 160 stores in 44 countries across the world.


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