US President Donald Trump has unveiled a new missile-defence strategy of his country. The United States values North Korea as an “extraordinary danger”. Seven months ago, yet Trump had declared that danger from Pyongyang was banned.

Trump said, adversaries and “rogue regimes” around the world, their missile arsenals built up steadily and concentrated on the development of long-range missiles that could reach targets in the United States. The fact America has to respond, he said at the Pentagon.

Sensors, in counting up All of the proposals

as To the investment systems, which are stationed in space. The All new Battle scene, Trump said. Whether the government can implement the projects, in fact, depends on whether they can ensure the financing. The mere announcement is likely to Stoke the fears of a new arms race.

With the new investment to equip Trumps government according to their own words, in addition to ballistic missiles against cruise missiles, or hypersonic missiles. Explicitly Russia and China. The Russian government had tested in December, a new missile, according to the Kremlin’s 27 Times the speed of sound.

The last Time the US government in 2010, submitted under trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama a report.

observers fear a new arms race

the new proposals from the Pentagon from the paper with the name “Missile Defense Review” to “Review of missile defense”, to include Sensors in space to detect missile launches in other countries faster. In addition, the government proposes a study of a defence system in space, with the enemy missiles shot down. For the time being such weapons should not be developed but in fact, it is studies.

U.S. Secretary of defense Patrick Shanahan said during the presentation of the paper, Trump, it had come to a rapprochement with North Korea. Nevertheless, Pyongyang’s missiles continued to be a significant threat to the United States, as in the case of Iran, he said.

several Places in the paper Russia and China are also the reason that the United States would have to improve their defense system. It is not the first Time that Trumps government of the two countries in a paper. Observers fear a new arms race.

The concern is also fueled by the fact that the USA, Russia issued an Ultimatum to the 30-year-old INF Treaty for the prohibition of nuclear medium-range systems. Trumps government wants to from the 2. February feel no longer bound to the Treaty if Russia agrees to the destruction of new cruise missiles.


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