In the search for the two-year-old Julen to a deep well shaft in the South of Spain, there is progress. An eight-strong Team of miners was removed in the Morning, a good two meters from the position of the twelve days of the lost boys is suspected.

The men digging in the Andalusian Totalán since Thursday evening, starting with a roughly 80-foot-deep, vertical rescue shaft, under difficult conditions, a horizontal Tunnel. They have managed in little more than twelve hours, approximately one and one-half of a total of 3.8 metres, were reported by several media, citing the use of force. It was hoped that the young men in the course of a Friday find, it said.

Of the child, there is still no sign of life. The helpers in the hope that it might still be alive. Julen is on 13. January on a trip with his parents in a 107-metre-deep illegal-dug shaft. Because the hole has a diameter of only 25 to 30 centimeters, had decided the Saviour, a parallel shaft, to dig, to Julen. The Boy is suspected in a depth of 70 to 80 meters.


Different problems – including the uneven, hard-to-reach the scene of the incident on the hill Cerro de la Corona is delayed near the coastal town of Málaga, as well as the hardness of the floor had the Work again and again. Because the miners were also encountered in the night to Friday, an extremely hard rock that had been carried out two micro-blasting for loosening the soil. The newspaper “La Vanguardia” and other Spanish media reported citing the representative of the Madrid Central government in Andalusia.

The miners, experienced specialists from the Northern Spanish region of Asturias, to work for security reasons, mainly hammers with pickaxes and compressed air. In teams of two you are left with a special capsule in the shaft down and off every 30 to 40 minutes. The conditions were extreme, because of the Close, the men could dig just kneeling or lying down, it said.


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