the search for The two-year-old Julen continues also around a week after his Disappearance in the Spanish Totalán-intensive. The Boy fell about a week ago, apparently in a 107-Meter-deep shaft. Since the days of the helpers of the alleged accident have a parallel rescue tunnel dug, you came here, but at a slower pace than planned.

On Monday evening, they reached the planned depth of 60 meters, such as several Spanish Newspapers reported, citing the use of force, including “El País”, “El Mundo” and “La Vanguardia”. Thus, the first vertical Tunnel was completed after 55 hours.

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This is to be secured according to the Reports, now. Then a helper in a metal to the cage let down – and from there, a roughly four-Meter-long horizontal Tunnel digging to get to the point of the shaft, the Julen is suspected. The newspaper “La Vanguardia” quoted an expert with the words, the most critical Moment, said the rescuers, “if you will only be a few meters away from Julen”.

will take exactly How long the Work on the horizontal Tunnel is unclear. Helper spoke on the Monday evening of a minimum of 32 hours.

Video: Meter for Meter work, the rescuers


Julen at 13. January during a trip to his family in the hole to be like, which has a diameter of only 25 to 30 centimeters. In the case of camera shots, it was discovered at a depth of 70 meters, a bag of sweets, which the Boy had. The rescuers hold it, therefore, conceivable that the child is at a depth of 70 to 80 meters.


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