The rescue work in the Spanish Totalán go forward in small steps. Within about 24 hours of miners from your rescue shaft have worked for about 2.5 to 3.8 meters of the borehole, in which the two-year-old Julen is suspected. Twelve days ago the Boy is supposed to be like a Sunday outing with his parents in the 110-Meter-deep borehole. Hundreds of emergency workers have been working in the chord to his rescue.

Nevertheless, the Work is delayed again and again. Three days after Julens Disappearance it was said that the rescue forces would penetrate within 48 hours to the two-year-olds. This was not the only forecast that proved to be too optimistic.

Since then, more than a week has passed, of the child, there is still no sign of life. Why go forward with the Work so slowly?

The conditions were extreme, it was declared by the official page: Each two of the miners are left in a rescue capsule in the specially-dug shaft, close to the borehole down. After 30 minutes, they will be replaced by the next team of two. Because of the Close, the men could dig just kneeling or lying down, it said. Equipped with pickaxes, Jackhammers and oxygen masks.

presentation of the rescue shaft.

In a press conference, police spokesman Jorge Martín explained at lunch that the experts had to perform in the night and in the Morning, three small explosives, in order to move forward. Each blast had taken approximately 1.5 hours. “The mountain is our rhythm of work,” said Martín. With a helicopter is even more explosives should be brought to the implementation site – even if, in the meantime, it was announced that no further blasting be necessary.


the work of The forces in for growing criticism. There are voices that Julen would have long ago must be found, if the rescue forces would do their job properly.

Francisco Delgado Bonilla, Chairman of the firemen’s Association of the province of Málaga, was from the beginning at the rescue mission. In this Interview, he explains how it looks and takes a position to the allegations.

fire chief Delgado Bonilla

MIRROR ONLINE: Mr Delgado Bonilla, as the miners under the earth?

Delgado Bonilla: to The expectation. The soil in the horizontal excavation is unfortunately different than that of the vertical rescue shaft. We knew that the terrain would make trouble for us. And of course we must always guarantee the safety of all Involved.

MIRROR ONLINE: in The beginning it was said that it would take 20 to 24 hours, to dig the horizontal shaft.

Delgado Bonilla: We can make no time. We now need to have to proceed with Caution and patience. This task is complicated, and the terrain is terribly hard. We can only hope that we will soon encounter softer Material and faster.

MIRROR ONLINE: Many people criticize that the Work is progressing too slowly.

Delgado Bonilla: these are people who sit at home alone on the Sofa. You do not know the reality with which we are constantly being confronted with. It is easy to criticize from ignorance. Anyone who criticizes should also be aware of all the facts and data. There are no previous studies, no plans, we will not have any problems and you need to solve, again and again. And a very large Team of professional people who understand something of their work and experience have been working on. Who has solutions, should you like to recite. Criticism from a distance I can’t take it seriously.

MIRROR ONLINE: How to make your next steps are now?

Delgado Bonilla: , The mountain people must first do their work. We need to dig just under four meters of horizontal Tunnels. After that, we’ll have to see what we have to do it. Then, it is decided how it goes.

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