a Maximum of 48 hours should it take to Julen freed would be. The rescue workers in the southern Spanish Totalán said, near the coastal city of Málaga, on Tuesday afternoon. A deceptive hope. Meanwhile, more than 48 hours have passed, and the two year old, fell last Sunday in a 110-Meter-deep hole, without a sign of life lost.

A truck after the other is driving the switchbacks to the site of the accident up, loaded with probes, and iron pipes, in order to stabilize the rescue tunnel being driven into the mountain. More than a hundred volunteers are on site: engineers, technicians, firefighters, policemen – they all work tirelessly to find the boy.

But the situation is complicated, and the Mission is delayed. “There have been technical difficulties,” says María Gámez, the envoy of the Central government in Andalusia, in the afternoon, at a press conference. You’ll rest for a Minute, until the child was found.


construction works such as these were preceded by usually months in the planning, says Ángel García Vidal, one of the senior engineers on site. In Totalán the rescue have to improvise forces, however, and after setbacks, quickly search for new solutions.

it was Planned to approach the young of several pages. A shaft should be parallel to the borehole to be dug, and another, and horizontal, should lead from one side to the disaster. The latter, Vidal, you can in the time needed to finish.

The hopes now lie on two shafts that are parallel to the borehole arise, each three to four meters away. To do this, first of all, a platform built, on which the required machine support, about 30 meters below the entrance of the hole. Thousands of cubic meters of earth to be removed for it. The last meters to Julens suspected Position must then be Hand dug.

The hilly landscape as the strength of the soil complicate the situation on the ground, explains Vidal. It was unpredictable, the Material to which the rescue forces at the holes would collide. At the same time, you must make sure that the slot in which you suspect Julen, is not shaken by the work, and in the worst case, collapse.

Francisco Delgado Bonilla, Chairman of the firemen’s Association of the province of Málaga, is since Sunday in the rescue operation. In this Interview, he explains how the Work is progressing.

Francisco Delgado Bonilla

MIRROR ONLINE: Mr Delgado Bonilla, how’s the rescue mission?

Delgado Bonilla: What we are doing here is incredible. I have seen something like this in my career. There was a similar case in Albacete, as a man in a 60 meters deep hole is like, but it had almost 50 centimetres in diameter, which is Double of what we have to do it here. We do what we can.

MIRROR ONLINE: How is the Work organized?

Delgado Bonilla : We have set up a coordination team, consisting of technicians, engineers and other experts. We now need to make decisions and time is of the essence. This is chord work.

MIRROR ONLINE: What is the task of the firefighters have?

Delgado Bonilla : We need to ensure the safety of all Involved and, of course, for the safety of Julen. Once the Work is completed, will any of us go with the engineers down to the boy there out.

MIRROR ONLINE: At the weekend it’s going to rain. Can this affect the Work?

Delgado Bonilla : Yes, it could complicate the Work. But the shaft in the Julen is, it can happen, nothing. We have stabilized him with iron pipes, so that from above nothing to inside. We do not give up the hope that Julen is still alive.

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